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No water…. the fear of every firefighter. No water, water coming too late or not enough water will make firefighting much more complicated, often more dangerous and sometimes impossible.

Hence we need to have water quickly, lots of it and continuous.

Hytrans mobile water supply as procured by Fire & Rescue NSW is often the solution. Hytrans mobile water supply has proven its value globally for over 25 years.

How does it work?
A diesel power pack drives a portable and floating hydraulic submersible pump. The power pack is deployed within 60 meters of a water source (sea, river, creek , dam, tank, hydrant, mains) and the portable pump is placed in the water or connected to the tank or hydrant. The hydraulically driven pump pushes (no suction) the water into a 150mm / 6 inch flexible hose over any distance required. This could be many kilometres. An easy to operate control panel lets the firefighter calculate and determine which pressure and water flow is required. At the end of the hose could be a fire truck, a monitor, a manifold with smaller size manhandled hoses, etc.

The high volume layflat hose can be laid from the back of the all-in-one skid on the fire appliance at 40 km per hour, while hose is recovered mechanically at the speed of 1 km in 30 min. Continuous water flows of over 7,000 litres per min are feasible as well as pressures at the end of the hose of up to 1000 kPa.

Please come and see us at AFAC ’15 on booth 157.

For more information, go to www.bluemont.com.au

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