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Bodytrak®: world’s first in-ear, multi-sign body monitor launches to help preserve the lives of first responders

Bodytrak® is the only device to measure multiple physiological factors accurately and in real time. Bodytrak® Preserves health of firefighters in training and high-pressure scenarios through accurate, real time insight

Bodytrak® is making its inaugural visit to the Emergency Services Show (ESS) in Birmingham, UK on 20th September 2017 as the only multi-parameter in-ear body monitoring platform to track Core Body Temperature (CBT) and Heart Rate (HR) accurately and in real time. The device also continually tracks Heart Rate Variability (HRV), Oxygen Uptake (VO2), speed and distance which, together with HR and CBT, helps preserves the health and well-being of first responders, particularly firefighter, in the most hazardous of situations. Real time monitoring of multiple signs has the potential to reduce heat-related injury, detect illness and improve recovery time.

Until now, no system has existed to allow the physiological monitoring of firefighters while in a blaze, with a high degree of accuracy. A pill that measures core body temperature is prohibitively expensive at scale and far from practical in real emergencies. Handheld measurements can only be taken pre and post-heat exposure, reducing their usefulness because they cannot capture body temperature during the most critical times.

For the first time, Bodytrak provides fire crews with a highly accurate and effective way to monitor physical well-being, in training and operationally. Bodytrak is the only unobtrusive device that accurately measures multiple vital signs in a single compact wearable. The device is currently being trialled with a number of emergency, fire and rescue services, military organisations and in scenarios where industrial health and safety is a priority.

Bodytrak helps reduce the incidence of heat stress and other injuries through early detection; improves training and performance; informs operational strategies, and ultimately saves lives. The discreet earpiece can also detect motion, for example when a firefighter has fallen, allowing team leaders to intervene early. Over time, crews can gain insight from the data captured on the device. The predictive capabilities of Bodytrak’s analytics platform allows instructors to adjust training schedules, and better assess the fitness of each individual firefighter. Bodytrak supports two-way communications combined with ambient noise transfer, which enables firefighters to take instruction from team leaders and communicate back, whilst still hearing what’s going on around them.

Leon Marsh, CEO Bodytrak, says: “As we’ve seen in recent high profile cases, firefighters work in the most dangerous and challenging environments, in searing temperatures. Historically, there was no way of monitoring the physical strain that firefighters were under during an exercise. Tympanic temperature measurements can be taken before and after heat exposure, but that provides no understanding of firefighter’s physiology during the period of highest risk. Bodytrak has been designed to solve this problem. It gives firefighters a way to monitor the health of those working in a blaze in real-time throughout an exercise – particularly around core body temperature – to enable them to intervene early in high-pressure training and operational scenarios, improve performance and save lives.”

The device will be shown for the first time to the sector at The Emergency Services Show (stand F100, pod 7). The team will demonstrate how new technology, specifically its wearable and next generation sensor technology, can help preserve the lives of first responders and create new efficiencies for fire and rescue services as part of ongoing digitisation initiatives.

For more information visit www.bodytrak.co or contact Leon Marsh, CEO, leon.marsh@bodytrak.co (+44 7500 012635)

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