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Book Review: Euro Firefighter 2: 6,701 Building Fires

Euro Firefighter 2: 6,701 Building Fires is Paul Grimwood’s follow-up to Euro Firefighter: Fire Tactics and Training Manual. In this new volume, Paul Grimwood examines fire engineering and firefighting tactics to investigate how the ever-changing built environment is shaping current and future firefighting tactics, as well as how creative building design may assist firefighters in their work.

The hazards associated with under-ventilated fires in the UK are now becoming more widely acknowledged, as fire loads incorporating an increased hydrocarbon content combine with modern energy efficient construction to create exceptionally dangerous working environments for firefighters. The firefighter life loss in UK has near doubled during the past decade and the relationship between under-ventilated fires and tactical ventilation by firefighter’s demands far greater attention, if such life losses are to be curtailed.

In this book the author analyses 6,701 building fires occurring in the UK between 1984 and 2012. The outcomes of this research have effectively shaped specific national fire design guidance and firefighting tactics over the past twenty five years. This book may be of interest not only to fire commanders and firefighters, but also fire engineers, structural engineers, students, architects and building control bodies.

For more information please visit: www.eurofirefighter.com
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