Coulson’s Sikorsky S61N Helicopter undertaking the first ever hover fill at night in Australia.
Night fire suppression operations trial – Emergency Management Victoria

Night firebombing has the potential to significantly improve Australia’s aerial firefighting capability in support of…

The issue of combustible cladding has shone a light on the need for national consistency in NCC implementation.
Uniting Australia on building compliance

In 2018, Australia’s regulatory mechanisms for building control and compliance remain fragmented by the federated…


Firefighters suffer more from certain serious diseases than other professions, and in our modern world,…

Fuel shedding fluorinated foam agents are critical when attacking major oil storage tank fires like this 82m diameter gasoline tank, which burnt for 12 hours while the foam attack was being co-ordinated. Using AR-AFFFs this massive fire was quickly controlled and fully extinguished in just 65minutes from the start of the foam attack, minimising firewater runoff issues into the environment, and saving over 25million litres of valuable gasoline.
How could two states come to contrary conclusions over PFAS?

2017 saw South Australia propose a limited ban on PFOS and PFOA based firefighting foams.…

Engineering services are already utilised.
Increasing emergency management capacity through the business sector

Current research funded through the Bushfire and Natural Hazards Cooperative Research Centre is exploring planning…

AS 3745:2010, Planning for emergencies amended 2018.
Standards hot off the press

Responding to fires is always a heated debate among industry experts, but there is little…

Honourable Minister of Housing & Local Government Malaysia Zuraida binti Kamaruddin, Secretary General of Housing and Local Government, Dato Sri Hj. Mohmmad Bin Mentek, Director General Mohammad Hamdan Wahid, other Government Officials and Senior Officers of the Fire & Rescue Department following the Rank Marking Coronation Ceremony.
Fire & Rescue Department of Malaysia Director General

The Fire & Rescue Department of Malaysia appointed the Director General Mohammad Hamdan Wahid with…

Wildfire training scenario (FLAIM Trainer).
Why should the fire service use virtual reality for training?

Fire services now have the opportunity to embrace virtual reality (VR) to transform how firefighters…

New residential sprinkler designs were tested in a joint project by FRNSW, FPA Australia, AFAC and CSIRO.
NCC 2019 draft includes Association proposals

The new National Construction Code draft includes several important changes to fire safety, including residential…

Welfare checks should allow you to set regular check ins throughout your day.
How innovative technology can lead to significant gains in lone worker safety

In a recent case in New Zealand involving the death of a lone machinery operator…

The Integrated design of the “ET” series from Rosenbauer offers a balance of Quality, Performance and Reliability.
Design and integrate globally, assemble locally

For people in the industry we see it all too often, the dreaded engineering specification…

Damaged Grumman Tracker.
Fire protection system security

In todays uncertain times, the issue of security of vital infrastructure like power stations, oil…

PPE being professionally cleaned at Total Safety in Spain.
Keeping it clean

The provision of cleaning and maintenance services for firefighter PPE varies greatly around the world.…

Dr Marta Yebra and Dr Adam Leavesley discuss the plans for a prescribed burn in the ACT.
Satellites to help show when the bush is ready to burn

Soil dryness and flammable vegetation are two of the primary factors affecting the severity of…

Leadership Putting the Pieces Together.
The leadership puzzle, unraveling crisis leadership

In a previous article for Asia Pacific Fire, I commented on the need for post-event…

A fire experiment in a building with a high roof showed that smoke would take considerable time to drop below 2 m therefore it is not recommended to rely on exposure conditions to determine the tenability conditions in buildings with high roofs(ceilings).
Calculating tenability conditions when smoke drops below 2m

While it is always recommended to design fire safety systems to maintain the smoke layer…

Honeywell fire alarm systems.
Modern technology will further improve fire safety around the world

On March 25, Russia experienced its deadliest blaze in nearly a decade, killing 64 people…

Elwood apartments in Melbourne utilised non-combustible solid aluminium DecoClad for external cladding and ceiling applications.
Fire-safe cladding: building a culture of compliance

The tragic Grenfell Tower disaster in June 2017 was a harsh awakening for the building…

Columbia Model CH-47D Chinook dropping retardant at the Rice Ridge Fire, Seeley Lake, in Montana, in 2017.
A day in the life of a Columbia Helicopters’ firefighting pilot

Columbia Helicopters, Inc., (Columbia) based in Aurora, Oregon, USA, has been fighting wildfires for 51…

Critical coordination during fire response.
Beyond the politics and blame: Evaluating crisis responses

Crisis events are high consequence and hold significant stakes for all involved. For residents and…

An interviewee shows a researcher the impact the bushfire had on his property.
Research gives insight into community bushfire response in Australia

New South Wales, Australia faced some of the worst bushfire conditions ever forecast for the state in January and February 2017, including Catastrophic fire danger ratings (Australia’s highest danger level for fire) for many communities. During this time, a number of large and damaging fires occurred, but fortunately no human lives were lost during the worst of the conditions.

Firefighters have to carry about 40kg of equipment and by putting on Auberon, the physical strain is alleviated.
Singapore’s first pneumatic powered exoskeleton tailored for firefighters

TRIGEN Automotive, a leading Singapore manufacturer of special function vehicles and robotics solutions for emergency…

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