AFAC17 Exhibitor Showcase

Mercedes-Benz Trucks Australia
Mercedes-Benz Trucks Australia

Mercedes-Benz will demonstrate its fire and rescue strength with a new Econic-based fire response vehicle. The company and a leading body manufacturer will reveal a unique fire response vehicle that will make its debut on the stand.

Mercedes-Benz is keeping its cards close to its chest and attendees will need to head to the stand to check out this truly unique vehicle.

What Mercedes-Benz is prepared to discuss is that the vehicle is based on the Econic truck with a high-roof cab and features air suspension on all axles. It runs an advanced Euro 6 rated 7.7-litre six-cylinder engine linked to an Allison 3000 six-speed automatic transmission.

The truck is equipped with advanced safety features including Active Brake Assist, Lane Assist and Proximity Control Assist.

While the Econic will be featured this year, it is just one of several vehicles Mercedes-Benz offers that can be used for fire and rescue applications.

These include new generation Mercedes-Benz truck models, the off-road bonneted Zetros and go-anywhere Unimog.

The Unimog is currently being prepared for duty with Victoria’s Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning as a fire response vehicle (pictured).

It is a rugged off-road truck with extreme ground clearance, traction and optional wading ability up to 800mm.

Mobile Energy Australia Pty Ltd
Mobile Energy Australia Pty Ltd

In recognition of the fact that CAF is not the “silver bullet” for all scenarios, but also in recognition of its exceptional attributes in certain applications, the MEA system has been designed on the premise that “a traditional fire appliance that has been designed for specific roles can be enhanced with CAF” providing enhanced capability without compromising the traditional role of the appliance.

This fundamental premise allows for a CAF integration, allowing for the traditional role and tactics to be deployed, but where appropriate, CAF can be delivered simply and effectively.

The technology utilised in the MEA CAF system is simple to operate, robust, very cost effective by comparison to alternatives and very importantly, ensures that superior CAF is manufactured and delivered reliably and effectively on every occasion. The simplicity and fundamental aspects of the system allow it to be adapted to any application in the industry with validated success.

Across the entire fleet of small, slip on and ultralight to heavy tanker appliances in the rural sector, to the entire range pumpers in the urban application, the MEA system incorporating the patented CAFAID provides superior CAF as an enhancement to the already established capability.

Motorola Solutions
Motorola Solutions

When it comes to community safety there can be no compromise. Agility saves lives, and that’s why Motorola Solutions is committed to developing and providing safe and reliable communications for public safety users. Every moment matters when operating in emergency situations and communication solutions should be a natural and seamless extension of the self.

While voice communications remain critical in public safety operations, intelligent mobile broadband solutions are the way forward for agencies to reach new levels of performance and safety. That’s why we developed our Next Generation Mobile Intelligence (NGMI) strategy to help responders maximise the use of information within our cities and easily share collective intelligences between users in the field and command centres. Such intelligence results in a shift from reacting and responding to anticipating and preventing. Working closely with public safety agencies, Motorola Solutions designs technology software, applications and solutions to meet user needs and requirements. By focusing on putting intelligence into the hands of first responders over a choice of devices, networks and applications, we help our users work smarter, faster and more safely.

We believe in truly safer cities, communities and business can thrive.

MSA The Safety Company
MSA The Safety Company

Established in 1914, MSA Safety Incorporated is the global leader in the development, manufacture and supply of safety products that protect people and facility infrastructures. MSA products may be simple to use and maintain, but they’re also highly-sophisticated devices and protective gear – the result of countless R&D hours, relentless testing and an unwavering commitment to quality that saves lives and protects thousands of men and women each and every day. Many MSA products integrate a combination of electronics, mechanical systems and advanced materials to protect users against hazardous or life-threatening situations.


Narva is expanding its popular range of Aeromax L.E.D mini light boxes to include new red and blue variants specifically designed for emergency vehicles.

The super-compact Aeromax light boxes offer a low profile and modern-styled solution to emergency lighting. With outstanding performance exceeding SAE Class 1 Approvals, the light boxes utilise 14 x 3 high powered L.E.D modules that are incredibly bright and enjoy low current draws (1.9A at 12V, 0.9A at 24V per light box).

The light boxes feature an IP65 rating with virtually unbreakable polycarbonate lens and low profile brackets, making them ideal for roof mounting where clearance and obstacles such as tree branches present issues.

Whilst discreet when not in use, Aeromax light boxes employ 8 distinct flash patterns to ensure adequate attention, including: constantly on, double flashing, alternate flashing, cross flashing, rotating, quint rotating, ultra and ultra-double. With each box measuring 365mm long, 173mm wide and just 47mm high, Aeromax light boxes can be used on their own or in pairs as a mini light bar solution.

The new red and blue Aeromax light boxes will be on display at the 2017 AFAC.

Newlans Coachbuilders
Newlans Coachbuilders

Plastic panels are commonplace on most modern day commercial vehicles, however they have proved to be inadequate in situations of extreme heat and wear.

We have a solution to this problem in the form of exact fitting reproductions of the original plastic parts in lightweight aluminum. Fitting them to a vehicle is a onetime investment which will reduce the risk of injury and vehicle losses due to personnel not being able to access the vehicle due to heat damaged door panels.

Our panels have been designed and manufactured with input from state fire engineering services and from representatives from the truck manufacturers. For many years Newlans panels have been in use with most brigades in Australia.

NSW Office of Emergency Management
NSW Office of Emergency Management

The NSW Office of Emergency Management provides leadership and coordination across the state’s emergency management sector, government and the community, driving innovation and best practice.

Our focus areas are:

Response and Recovery
Disaster Resilience
Capability and Planning
Emergency Management Policy and coordination
Natural Disaster funding and accountability
Disaster Welfare
Visit us at stand 245 at this year’s AFAC conference to learn about our services including our nationally recognised Training Program. We also look forward to welcoming you to the ‘Frameworks for Resilience’ Stream on Tuesday 5 September, where our CEO will be discussing building the disaster resilience of NSW communities.

NSW Rural Fire Service
NSW Rural Fire Service

The NSW Rural Fire Service (NSW RFS) is the lead combat agency for bushfires in NSW. For over 100 years we have been a significant part of the history and landscape of NSW. Working closely with other agencies we respond to a range of emergencies including structure fires, motor vehicle accidents and storms that occur within rural fire districts.

The NSW RFS is widely acknowledged as the largest volunteer fire service in the world. Members of the NSW RFS are trained to very high levels of competence to ensure they know what to do in an emergency.

The Service aims to reduce the likelihood and consequence of fires occurring. This involves comprehensive risk management programs to reduce bushfire hazards, reduce fire ignitions and the development of regulations for bushfire prone areas.

NSW State Emergency Service
NSW State Emergency Service

NSW State Emergency Service (SES) is an emergency and rescue service dedicated to assisting the community. We are a volunteer-based organisation that provides emergency assistance to the people of NSW 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. It is the approximately 9,000 volunteers across the state that make this possible. NSW SES volunteers come from all walks of life, bringing with them many different skills, interests and backgrounds. They are united by the purpose of supporting their communities in times of need. While our major responsibilities are for flood and storm emergencies, NSW SES also provides the majority of general rescue effort in the rural parts of the state.

This includes:

Road accident rescue
Vertical rescue
Bush search and rescue
Evidence searches (metropolitan and rural) and other forms of specialist rescue that may be required due to local threats.
Volunteers in a number of isolated communities have been trained as Community First Responders by the Ambulance Service of NSW. The organisations trained rescuers also support the full-time emergency services during major disasters.

NSW SES also assists other emergency services when they are performing major operations. These services include the NSW Police Force, the NSW Rural Fire Service, Fire and Rescue NSW and the Ambulance Service.

Office of Environment and Heritage NSW
Office of Environment and Heritage NSW

Working with the community, the Office of Environment and Heritage (OEH) cares for and protects NSW’s environment and heritage, which includes the natural environment, Aboriginal country, culture and heritage, and built heritage. OEH supports the community, business and government in protecting, strengthening and making the most of a healthy environment and economy in NSW.

We also provide services and other support to the Royal Botanic Gardens and Domain Trust, NSW Environmental Trust, Western Sydney Parkland Trust, Parramatta Park Trust, Centennial Park and Moore Park Trust, Historic Houses Trust, Taronga Conservation Society Australia, Jenolan Caves Reserve Trust, and the Environment Protection Authority.

Our organisation comprises five functional areas:

National Parks and Wildlife Service
Regional Operations
The National Parks and Wildlife Service are responsible for managing and conserving more than 7 million hectares of land in national parks and reserves.

Owen International Pty Ltd
Owen International Pty Ltd

Owen International is an Australian company providing representation in Australia and New Zealand for a number of overseas manufacturers. The company supplies a range of military specification or commercial off-the-shelf products, offering low-risk, supportable and proven capabilities for Defence, Government and Industry.

Customers include all arms of the Defence forces, including unique equipment for Special Forces, as well as Federal and State Police, Correctional Services, Emergency Services and specific industries.

Areas of sales and service include: CBRN Protection Equipment and Respiratory Protection Systems. CBRN Protective Clothing. CBRN decontamination systems and products. Automated Warning, Reporting and Hazard Display systems. Detector training and simulation systems. Demolition and cutting explosives, HESCO Concertainer barriers for blast protection and flood mitigation. Owen International is licensed to ISO 9001:2008 and is Australia’s only Avon Approved Service Centre for the range of Avon respirators.

PAC Fire Australia
PAC Fire Australia

Founded in 2000, Pac Fire Australia has established a sound reputation as a dependable nationwide distributor of PPE/C, with a strong commitment to the supply of innovative, high quality Australian and New Zealand certified products. With representation in all states and in New Zealand, Pac Fire Australia supplies every emergency service organisation in Australasia in one way or another.

This year, Pac Fire Australia will show case an exciting range of equipment and clothing from long standing partners Pacific Helmets NZ, Bristol Uniforms, Titan Communications, Kappler Chemical Suits, Clipper Bags, YDS Footwear, Underwater Kinetics and Adaro Torches, Ready Rack storage solutions, POK, OSW hose, Solberg, EFlare and Meret. The latest innovation on display will include Pacific’s new rescue and structural range including the F15, F11 and R6W and Bristol Uniforms new Titan PBI structural firefighting gloves – the first of their kind to be certified to AS/NZ 2162.6:2014. Bristol’s Nanoflex™ firefighting hood will also take centre stage while the latest fabrics will be show cased in Bristol designs including Hainsworth’s® 1260 and EcoDry Shield, PBI, Gore’s® Parallon™ and Pyrad® Varde and Dupont’s® Nomex360™ and Nanoflex™ technology.

We look forward to seeing you at AFAC2017.

PBI Performance Products
PBI Performance Products

PBI fabrics are the first line of defence on the fire ground. They are renowned for their exceptional flame resistance and thermal protection from radiant heat and favoured by firefighters around the world.

PBI offers a wide range of fabrics that meet the needs of every situation and work effectively as an integral part of the protective garment. Each fabric has different properties and applications, but every PBI fabric provides the required protection from heat and flame that an outer fabric must deliver.

All PBI outer fabrics including PBI Gold, PBI Matrix, PBI Max, Gemini XTL, Titan 1260 and Ibena X55 are lightweight and strong and achieve high flame resistance. They deliver excellent tensile strength and will not become brittle, shrink or break open when exposed to flame and high temperatures. This means that the integrity of the internal layers of the garment is protected and the transfer of any radiant heat is slower, allowing more time for firefighters to escape to safety in a situation such as a flashover.

PBI’s ‘next to skin’ fabrics include PBI TriGuard, which delivers excellent protection against heat, flash fire and arc flash, as well as PBI BaseGuard, a flame resistant, no melt, no drip economical moisture wicking base layer.

PC Australasia Pty Ltd (Phos-Chek)
PC Australasia Pty Ltd (Phos-Chek)

Phos-Chek brand products have a long history of use aiding in effective fire suppression and are recognized world-wide for the excellent benefits they provide. We are committed to continuously providing fire managers and fire fighters with the safest, most effective, and environmentally friendly products available.

Our first Phos-Chek retardant product became available in 1962. As additional tools for the fire manager, in 1988 we introduced Phos-Chek WD 881 Class A foam and from 2005 Phos-Chek Aqua-Gel and Insul-8 water enhancers. To round out our offering, Flash 21 fuel gelling agent can be used to introduce fire to the landscape.

Our support in Australia extends to Portable Airbase equipment, locally designed and operated to integrate seamlessly into an Incident.

Timely supply of additives and equipment is our goal.”

Pelican Products (Australia) Pty Ltd
Pelican Products (Australia) Pty Ltd

Pelican Products, Inc. is the global leader in the design and manufacture of both high-performance protective case solutions and advanced portable lighting systems.

Pelican manufactures a vast array of safety-approved lighting solutions specifically suited to

the specialized requirements of

the fire and emergency services industry and are designed to ensure that the highest safety standards are met even in the most hazardous of work environments.

From hand-held torches and headlamps to lantern style lights and portable Remote Area Lighting Systems (RALS), Pelican advanced lighting solutions are

engineered to not just work, but excel, and are IECEX approved.

From the tough-as-nails polymer construction to the industry leading use of LED technology, Pelican Products leads the way with the most effective and reliable safety lights in the fire and emergency services market.

Pelican RALS (Remote Area Lighting Systems) are portable lighting solutions that utilise advanced LED technology to provide ample light in areas that are either inaccessible by generator-based systems, inappropriate or just plain dangerous. Rechargeable and

self-contained, Pelican RALS products run silent, are cordless and don’t emit toxic fumes.

All Pelican products are backed by a superior guarantee of excellence. To find the right lighting solution, visit Pelican Products at stand #210 at the AFAC Conference and Exhibition or visit or contact our Customer Service department on 02 43677 022.


We design, develop and manufacture the best possible laminated fabric according to your need, requirements or specifications. This will include the selection and manufacturing of the required membrane (that could include, Hydrophilic PU membrane, hydrophobic PU membrane, Polyester membrane, recyclable membrane, ePTFE membrane, PTFE bicomponent membrane, antistatic membrane, flame retardant membrane…etc).

Our laminated products will mainly be found in our Workline, Screenline and Fr Liners and Fr Fabrics range. Our membranes can be found at different places of the turnout clothing:

Moisture barrier: designed to have reliable and durable performance, our moisture barriers will enhance wearing comfort through very high breathability while offering no compromise on waterproofness, flame or heat resistance. With various options between polyurethane based or PTFE based membrane, PROLINE moisture barrier range is bringing a solution to your needs. Our latest patented product, the Eoliner, is achieving astonishing performances by further enhancing comfort and breathability while making no compromises on TPP (Thermal Protection Performance) or on THL (Total Heat Loss).
Anti-wicking fabrics: 2 or 3 ply laminates, our range of anti-wicking barrier can be offered in full width or already cut tapes.
Fire flaps: 3-ply FR laminates bonded together as trimmings for turnout gear.


Would you be ready for an emergency? A difficult question, with an even more complex answer. Especially when you realize that every emergency is a one-off, requires a different approach and a special procedure. Circumstances are always new or different than you have trained or witnessed before.

Luckily, RescueSim makes sure that you are prepared for real-life situations with our leading solutions for simulation and virtual training. Our state-of-the-art products allow you to train your skills for every scenario possible in a practical, cost effective and sustainable way. RescueSim is developed in Rotterdam (the Netherlands) and we are an ISO9001:2008 certified company.

We are specialised in Incident Command Training for the Aviation, Offshore and Maritime, Petro Chemical, Energy and Emergency Services industries. We are proud to call well-known companies, like Schiphol Airport, Brisbane Airport, Britisch Petroleum, Falck Fire Services, Port of Rotterdam and GasNatural Fenosa our users.

During the AFAC 2017 we are looking forward to explore new opportunities and do not hesitate to visit our booth! We are happy and proud to demonstrate you Rescuesim at booth 263.

PT Hydraulics Australia
PT Hydraulics Australia

Stand 306

PT Rescue is synonymous with Quality, Commitment, Service and Customer confidence. We are the Australian and New Zealand Distributors for renowned brands such as Lukas, Vetter, Stabfast, BioEx, CTD and AWG. Our market leading brands continue to evolve delivering new and innovative tools and services to the Fire and Rescue industry. In keeping with our continuous improvement and product development, we are very pleased to now offer a complete range of Polypropylene plastic bodies. PT Poly Bodies are lighter and far longer lasting than alternative products, and as each body is custom designed and manufactured to the customer’s exact specification, you are assured of receiving the right solution on time and budget.

With the combined experience of the PT Hydraulics Group and with the support of our partners, we continue to grow our reputation as Australia & New Zealand’s premier supplier of Fire & Rescue products.

Rural Fire Brigades Association Queensland (RFBAQ)
Rural Fire Brigades Association Queensland (RFBAQ)

Run by elected brigade volunteers, representing all 1,400 Queensland brigades.

Based in the heart of rural Queensland, the RFBAQ is doing its best to ensure the 36,000 men and women who make up our rural fire brigades are looked after when they need it most.

The RFBAQ successfully lobbied the State Government to pay for the fuel and maintenance costs for brigades and to make sure firefighters are compensated if they get cancers while doing their unpaid jobs.

We provide important grants for brigades of all sizes right across Queensland to pay everything from portable radios and power reels on fire engines through to fit outs for Rural Fire Stations. We also provide immediate assistance for volunteer firefighters who pass away defending their communities by easing the burden of paying for a funeral.

The RFBAQ is fully self-funded with no brigade subscription and no Federal, State or Local Government money. In Queensland, it would be very hard to find another organisation that does not charge membership fees, subscription, dues or some other levy to fund its primary functions.

Our income is generated by our Contact Centre fundraising selling tickets in the 5 Art Unions that we run each year and taking tax deductible donations which can be brigade specific.

The RFBAQ has paid over $1 million in grants to brigades and volunteers in need from the money that it raises.

For more information visit and register to receive RFBAQ email updates, search RFBAQ on Facebook or call +61 7 5480 5130.

Safety Components, Inc.
Safety Components, Inc.

Safety Components’ patented Filament Twill Technology™ utilizes innovative spun yarn blends and unique weaves to take mobility and comfort to the extreme – with superior protection and durability.

Outer Shell Fabric Designs

Safety Components is the only manufacturer of PBI Max™, the most advanced PBI outer shell fabric the fire service has ever seen. Trusted and proven, PBI Max offers firefighters the best combination of break open and thermal protection, the strongest, the most flexible and the most comfortable outer shell fabric firefighters have ever experienced.

Nomex® 360™ delivers the perfect balance of firefighter comfort, mobility and protection while also delivering the world’s best in garment durability. The trifecta of unparalleled performance, Filament Twill Technology and Nomex 360 spun yarns plus DuPont™ Kevlar® filament, ensure fabric strength and flexibility after direct flame exposure.

Armor AP™, powered by Filament Twill Technology and DuPont™ Kevlar® filament, for superior performance in a Nomex®/Kevlar® outer shell. Lightweight Armor AP delivers almost 3X better tear strength while offering improved comfort/flexibility and increased strength/durability for enhanced protection.

Thermal Liner Technology

Glide Ice™ feels cooler with its ice blue design woven in Safety Components’ unique weave. Glide Ice delivers added freedom of movement, enhanced flexibility and faster drying times.

Wildlands, USAR & Station Wear

Regardless of the tasks at hand, these situations demand lighter, tougher and drier gear. Sigma™ combines the world’s most advanced fiber technology to deliver garments that are lightweight and comfortable, yet provide advanced protection and durability.

Safety Equipment Australia Pty Ltd
Safety Equipment Australia Pty Ltd

With over 100 years of design pioneering, Trellchem hasn’t slowed its pace when it comes to innovations in protective suits. And new advancements keep coming.

One feature that has stayed with Trellchem’s range are the three basic styles in most materials, namely two encapsulated suits (large and standard visor) and a non-encapsulated design.

As the name suggests, the encapsulated style keeps the wearer’s body, head and BA-set entirely within the suit. The non-encapsulated model entails strapping the BA harness to the outside of the suit, and using a separate full face mask.

A wide variety of materials are used. Nomex fabric is often used at the core, covered on both sides by layers of various impermeable materials such as chloroprene, butyl and Viton, along with polymer barrier laminates.

Firefighting professionals may find the VPS-Flash suit of special interest. The flame-resistant suit is fully certified according to the NFPA 1991 standard, complete with the optional chemical flash fire and liquefied gas requirements.

Users have come to expect many special features from Trellchem, such as down-closing zippers, bayonet glove rings with snap-on locking pins, inner booties, tear-off visor film, pass-through and ventilation valves, and much more.

The Trellchem range spans from light-weight splash suits, through heavy-duty industrial and emergency response models, to CBRN suits for tactical squads.

Sasgar Fire & Rescue Pty Ltd
Sasgar Fire & Rescue Pty Ltd

Sasgar Fire & Rescue is the proud Agent representative office of Rosenbauer International AG. In addition to a 30-year working relationship with Rosenbauer, Sasgar and its founder has also been involved in the design, manufacturing, sales and support of firefighting vehicles and equipment since the 1950’s.

As a local, family-owned business, Sasgar demonstrates its wealth of knowledge and expertise in the firefighting industry by providing tailored products and services to meet the wide-ranging needs of the firefighting industry. Whether it is Aviation, Metropolitan, Mining or Rural, Sasgar Fire & Rescue can provide a built for purpose fleet of vehicles to meet your needs.

Sasgar specialises in providing turnkey vehicle solutions, with a focus on the complete integration of vehicle systems, functionality, equipment fit out and continual support throughout the vehicles’ lifespan. Sasgar’s after sales support operates on-call around the clock and works with Rosenbauer to provide a worldwide network of service outlets and a ready supply of spare parts for the utmost convenience.

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