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Scott Safety
Scott Safety

Scott Safety, is a premier manufacturer of innovative respiratory and personal protective equipment for firefighters, industrial workers, police, military and rescue teams globally. Scott products protect thousands of individuals from environmental hazards including smoke, dust, combustible and toxic gases, falling and flying objects, and contaminants via a product line including; self-contained breathing apparatus, supplied air and air-purifying respirators, breathing air compressor and fill stations, PPE, gas detection instruments and thermal imaging cameras.

This year Scott Safety is showcasing the innovative Scott Sight in-mask thermal vision system. The concept behind Scott Sight emerged from discussions with firefighters and their need for every firefighter to have visibility in dark and smoke filled environments. Scott Sight offers individual full-time, hands-free thermal vision, resulting in improved hazard and victim detection and enhancing firefighter orientation, ultimately improving personnel safety.

Scott Sight also gives firefighters back their hands. No longer is thermal vision limited to a handheld device that often ends up sitting in an appliance cab.

Scott Safety will also showcase the EPIC 3 mask integrated communications range including a new Bluetooth Radio-Direct model supporting wireless communications from SCBA mask to Motorola APX digital radio.

Solar Developments Pty Ltd (PVStop)
Solar Developments Pty Ltd (PVStop)

PVStop is the only product that makes solar systems safe for firefighters and emergency services personnel

The problem

Did you know that solar panels cannot be switched off when exposed to light? In emergency situations such as a fires, floods or storm damage, solar panels continue to produce potentially lethal amounts of DC voltage which poses a significant risk to emergency services personnel. Up until now, there has been no practical solution to this globally recognised problem.

PVStop is the solution

PVStop safely isolates the power produced by solar PV systems in all weather conditions. It eliminates the risk of high voltage DC electrocution by acting as a liquid tarp, shutting down the solar system in seconds. Once the threat has been eliminated, PVStop simply peels off without causing any damage to the system.

Key attributes

Delivery range of over 10m, eliminating the need to climb on the roof.
Non-flammable & fire retardant.
Non-conductive & anti-arcing.
Encases nano-particles in the event of fire or during salvage operations.
No damage to the solar PV system and simply peels off after use.
Non carcinogenic & can be disposed of with normal garbage waste.


Solberg, a member of the Amerex Group, is your one-stop resource for high performance, sustainable Class A and B firefighting foam concentrates and foam suppression systems hardware. Solberg has the expertise, capabilities and resources to serve the fire protection industry worldwide. Solberg engineers have over 225 years of combined in-the-field fire protection experience.

RE-HEALING™ Foam concentrates are an innovative and environmentally sustainable fluorosurfactant and fluoropolymer-free firefighting foam used to effectively extinguish Class B fuels with no environmental concerns for persistence, bioaccumulation or toxic breakdown. Concentrates available in 1%, 3%, 6%, 3×3% ATC™ and 3×6% ATC formulations.

C6 compliant and PFOS free, ARCTIC™ AFFF foam concentrates are intended for use on Class B hydrocarbon fuel fires and are available in 1%, 3% and 6% concentrations. ARCTIC ATC™ foam concentrates are intended for use on hydrocarbon and polar solvent fuel fires. Concentrates are available in 1×3%, 3×3%, and 3×6% ATC formulations.

FIRE-BRAKE™ foam concentrate is a synthetic firefighting foam specially designed to be used for bush, structural and other Class A fuel fires. FIRE-BRAKE foam concentrate is proportioned at a rate of 0.1% – 1.0%.

Our experts know the real-world challenges. And they know how to optimize the design of our proven products to fit the individual needs of each customer. You can count on us to work with you and deliver products that perform as needed, when you need them.


Solvay’s pioneering PROBAN® chemistry continues to evolve to match ever-changing fire protection needs of personal protective equipment manufacturers and end users for garments ranging from industrial work wear to wildlife firefighting apparel.

With Solvay PROBAN®’s teams of technical experts and global supply capabilities through its licensee network, PROBAN technology delivers an affordable, comfortable alternative to other flame resistant fabric types – one that combines durability, traceability and conformance to global fire protection standards for the lifetime of the garment. Each batch of fabric is independently verified at Solvay’s UKAS-accredited quality control labs.

Stedfast Inc
Stedfast Inc

For nearly a century Stedfast has been at the forefront of textile coating and lamination technologies.

Stedfast is a world leader in manufacturing value-added laminated and coated textiles serving the material to specification needs of Industrial, Medical, Protective clothing and Military applications, including chemical and biological weapon resistant textiles. Stedfast has multiple coating and lamination facilities in Granby, Quebec and Piney Flats, Tennessee with testing and R & D facilities, equipped with the latest technology and operated by a team of highly skilled chemical engineers and technicians.

Stedair® Waterproof Breathable technologies and Stedfast’s coated fabrics offer new levels of protection and comfort as a consequence of superior technologies which meet stringent specifications.

Stedair® moisture barriers are designed specifically for fire and rescue service personnel and are critical in preventing the transmissions of liquids from the outside of fire fighter personal protective clothing (PPC) to the skin. Moisture barriers also provide protection from common chemicals, bacteriophages and viruses. Stedair® moisture barriers exhibit exceptional durability and breathability (Ret) ratings which go above and beyond the AS/NZS 4967:2009 specifications set for fire fighting protective clothing. Certified products include Stedair® 3000e, Stedair® 3000d, Stedair®Golde, Stedshield® FR and Stedprene® FR.

Task Force Tips, Inc.
Task Force Tips, Inc.

Task Force Tips (TFT) is a leading US supplier to the global fire and rescue markets that designs and manufactures thousands of water and foam flow products to help firefighters do more and risk less. By combining extensive engineering, precise manufacturing and superior customer support, TFT customers around the globe are better able to save lives and property.

TFT products include nozzles, monitors, valves, foam equipment and a wide range of solutions for both wildland and industrial firefighting. While there are thousands of product configurations, each share common features that provide unrivaled value. For items like monitors and nozzles, the industry’s lowest friction loss combined with an innovative construction yield superior stream and reach. Products include built-in safety features that keep firefighters safe in an ever changing fire scene. Many items have remote and tethered control modules for maximum control at the scene. Products are hard coat anodized and powder coated for maximum corrosion resistance and rugged durability.

All of the products are backed by an extensive network of dealers across the nation and around the globe. In addition, TFT’s customer service division works 24/7 for live technical support and since each product is serialized, TFT can offer custom support for your unique item.

TenCate Protective Fabrics
TenCate Protective Fabrics

TenCate Protective Fabrics has been on the cutting edge of textile innovation since its founding. From the very beginning, our competitive superiority in facilities, resources, energy and breakthrough engineering has produced a track record of landmark advances in proven FR technology.

We are the world’s leading manufacturer of FR fabrics and take this leadership role very seriously. All the fabrics made by TenCate are inherently FR, meaning that the very fibers of which the fabric is woven are themselves FR. This ensures that the FR protection will last and never wash or wear out.

TenCate specialises in Emergency Responders in structural firefighting, technical rescue and emergency medical service. In recent times, Tecasafe® Plus has been a staple for firefighter’s duty wear, technical rescue and Wildlands protection throughout Australia and New Zealand. The combination of durability, protection, comfort and affordability make it an ideal choice. Other fabrics in our FR range include structural firefighting fabrics, base layer protection, cold weather fleece and wet weather fabrics. Come and check out TenCate Protective Fabrics at AFAC stand # 178&179 or contact Elizabeth Payne at for further information.

Texport Australia Pty Ltd
Texport Australia Pty Ltd

TEXPORT are Europe’s elite specialist manufacturer of firefighter clothing, setting new standards in innovation and design.

Our innovation objectives are driven by the determination to deliver improved benefits to the end-user firefighters and their fire agencies.

These leading edge solutions are primarily achieved by focus on four key design areas,

Fabrics and materials
Comfort, design, cut and shape
Functional design efficiencies
Cost savings to the Fire Service
Underpinning these are strong collaborative partnerships with the largest and most reputable fabric and component supply partners.

With export sales to over 40 countries TEXPORT garments are certified to all of the relevant standards required in each of those locations.

Distribution to this diverse global range of Fire Department specifications is achieved by either direct manufacturer to customer relationships or strong local dealer partnerships.

A key platform to Texport’s reputation and success is ownership of all of our manufacturing facilities.

This has enabled intensive in-house research and development, often in partnership with fire brigades and component suppliers.

Importantly, our own production has given us and our customers, total control of quality and delivery commitments. Texport Australia personnel welcome the opportunity to demonstrate garments that offer higher protection, are cooler, lighter and more breathable.

With functional design features they make it easier for the firefighters to undertake their operational activities.

Catering to all sizes and genders and with ergonomic shaping the garments offer firefighters a new level of comfort, mobility and flexibility.

Combined with these end-user features are garment reinforcements to reduce wear and assist cheaper servicing, thereby increasing asset longevity for the fire department.

Textil Santanderina
Textil Santanderina

Founded in 1923, Santanderina is a leading family-owned textile company with our own in-house production. We produce 23.1 million metres each year, 70% for export markets.

Techs is the business line within Santanderina developed exclusively for corporate wear, workwear, protective wear and military wear. Our Techs line offers innovative, bespoke solutions for all customers and users (fire fighters, police officers, military forces, forest rangers, welders…). Our strong commitment to research and a close collaboration with our technical fibres and chemicals suppliers make it possible for Techs to constantly develop new textile solutions.

Over the years, our experience has granted us an international recognition in terms of quality, service, adaptability, and innovation.

We are proud to globally launch our latest innovation for wildlands applications at AFAC.

Vulcan – named after the Roman God of Fire – offers inherent fire retardant properties thanks to the use of Lenzing FR fibre blended with aramid. The key benefit is optimum wearer comfort so the fire fighters can perform at their very best under extreme conditions. Approved to Australian standard AS4824, Vulcan is a range of four fabrics offering a complete Wildlands garment solution – ripstop bottom weight, ripstop stretch, jersey and Vulcan shirting weight.

The Workwear Group
The Workwear Group

Workwear Group believes in being a trusted supply partner of quality workwear and PPC solutions. We are home to iconic corporate and industrial brands that have clothed workers for most of the past century, including: King Gee, Hard Yakka, Stubbies and NNT Uniforms.

As Australasia’s largest workwear provider, we build successful, long term client relationships by focusing on innovation, superior customer service and minimisation of risk. Underlying these principles is our relentless pursuit of excellence in systems, logistics and ethical supply.

Based in Melbourne, and with company operations spanning Australia, New Zealand, Asia and the UK, Workwear Group offers expansive catalogue and custom designed uniform ranges, including certified personal protective clothing (e.g. Structural & Wildlands Fire Fighting, Electric Arc Flash), worn with confidence by our fire and emergency services personnel Australia wide.

Workwear Group’s advanced Total Apparel Management and Complete Care Systems deliver, maintain and track every EMS PPC garment from issue and active duty, through to eventual controlled decommissioning.

Workwear Group, a trusted partner for organisations who want to feel proud and be safe.

TIPSA Australia
TIPSA Australia

As a leading manufacturer of firefighting equipment, TIPSA is committed to provide first class products to professionals who risk their lives in the line of duty. TIPSA, as part of the Kuriyama Group, and sales offices in 4 continents, produces hoses and nozzles for municipal as well as industrial and forestry firefighting.

Over 60 years of experience has allowed TIPSA to become the supplier of choice for professional fire-fighters worldwide, and is synonymous with:

QUALITY. Safety comes first, and is accomplished by excellent craftsmanship as well as quality materials used in TIPSA’s products, which are submitted to a rigorous quality control and sold with an extensive warranty.

INNOVATION. Offering a complete range of firefighting nozzles, hoses and accessories, catering to all possible needs of fire-fighters, TIPSA is constantly improving its products in order to offer the best performance to their users.

SERVICE. Distributing its products worldwide, through sales offices and an extensive network of distributors in over 50 countries.

Whelen Engineering Co Inc
Whelen Engineering Co Inc

Whelen Engineering is proud to introduce several new products at AFAC17 in Sydney, Australia in September 2017.

Pioneer Summit™: The low-profile Pioneer Summit light array is available in multiple spot, flood, and scene optic combinations. All-new patent-pending Proclera™ Optics increase clarity with 100% silicone internal optics. Available with integrated warning and ICC marker lights.

Pioneer™: With its innovative optic technology, the Pioneer Series has been re-engineered with a more efficient light engine, and features all-new Proclera Optics. Available in single and dual models with flood or spot/flood combination optics.

Pioneer LiFe™ LF35: The Pioneer LiFe is a battery-powered light combining a new Pioneer SlimLine™ flood optic with the portability of a grab and go light. Its Intelligent Inductive Charger™ provides easy, wireless charging, and the built-in battery is lightweight and thermally protected.

Freedom™ IV: The Freedom IV features Linear Super-LED® optics and DYAD™ two level technology. DYAD technology allows for individual control of each level of each lighthead and provides 360° of contiguous light.

Visit Whelen at AFAC17, Stand #132.

Whelen Engineering designs and manufactures high quality audio and visual warning equipment for Police, Fire, Emergency Services, and Public Works markets worldwide.

W.L.Gore & Associates Inc
W.L.Gore & Associates Inc

Gore’s revolutionary GORE® PARALLON™ System will be on show at AFAC this year along with the company’s range of high performance protective fabrics.

After several years of research, bringing together its technical expertise from around the world, Gore has developed a solution that removes the need to compromise comfort for thermal protection.

The GORE® PARALLON™ System is lightweight, breathable and waterproof, delivering high levels of thermal protection in firefighter Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). It reduces the risk of burn injuries and heat stress in wet and dry conditions.

The GORE® PARALLON™ System has been developed to specifically combat the risks associated with moisture and heat stress by introducing a unique new solution that incorporates a highly breathable Gore thermal barrier combined with a GORE-TEX® or CROSSTECH® Moisture barrier.

The full range of Gore fabrics developed for firefighter safety includes the GORE-TEX Fabric and CROSSTECH Fabric moisture barriers, which play a vital role in structural firefighting garments, providing durable, waterproof, breathable protection. Gore fabrics protect against the extremes of firefighting while keeping the wearer dry from inside and out.

Garments that incorporate Gore technology exceed industry standards for waterproofness and resistance to heat and flame. They provide firefighters with an increased level of comfort that is proven to enhance performance.

US Digital Design
US Digital Design

Reducing emergency response times via clear, concise and consistent automated dispatch alerts

The Phoenix G2 Fire Station Alerting System, created by US Digital Designs, effectively communicates crystal clear, concise and consistent automated dispatch information. The innovative technology shares information to the right personnel, at the right fire station, helping shave seconds (even minutes) off response times.

During a dispatch call, the Phoenix G2 automatically sends audio and visual messages throughout the fire station with details about the emergency. This increases a firefighter’s situational awareness so they respond with better information, helping save time, lives and property. The system frees up dispatchers to work on other important tasks instead of verbalising a dispatch or contacting multiple stations, one after the other.

The Phoenix G2 ships with popular built-in features and abilities, yet remains flexible for future configuration at each station location. It also offers multi-year, 24/7 proven reliability; hassle-free installation; web-based remote configuration and control; and virtually no maintenance. USDD’s engineers can communicate via email, text and manual logs, as well as via the Phoenix G2 FSA mobile app. Australian support partners are also available for installation.

Varley Specialised Vehicles
Varley Specialised Vehicles

Stand 112

With more than 50 years of experience in specialised vehicle manufacture and facilities in all major Australian cities, Varley Group produce a variety of custom built vehicles for government and private enterprise at all levels.

Varley are recognised in the industry for high level customer focus, quality certified products and efficient delivery. Their experienced teams work closely with our customers to ensure all functional, operational and aesthetic expectations are met. The Varley Group of companies possesses extensive expertise in emergency service vehicle design and production; especially in the fire, rescue, hazmat and command sectors.

Recent company expansions have also created the Varley National Service Network, allowing the Group to service, maintain, repair and upgrade the full Varley product range in any major location around Australia. As a result, Varley Specialised Vehicles offer the most comprehensive, high quality and value-for-money total life-cycle capability on the market.

Varley remains a 100 percent Australian-owned-and-operated private company, managed by members of the Varley family alongside expert Australian business leaders. This ensures that Varley’s products and services remain entirely Australian made for Australian conditions.

Volvo Group
Volvo Group

Stand 384

Volvo Group understands that fire vehicles are the last line of defence and are a critical contributor to public and environmental safety. Therefore the vehicles need to be safe, reliable, highly capable and customised to meet a wide range of operational and environmental requirements.

This operational performance is delivered through:

Operational capability, safety and reliability of the cab chassis;
Support for and working with specialist body builders;
One of the largest customer service centres across Australia;
Turnkey and finance options;
OEM supported upgrade and modification paths to change a vehicles role and / or extend its operating life; and
Developing and maintaining a collaborative working relationship with fire and emergency authority customers through Volvo’s dedicated government agency support group Volvo Group Governmental Sales.

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