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1954: The AGA/Interspiro Divator on display.
Bring your own air: a brief history of breathing apparatus

When you’re asked, ‘what’s the world’s oldest profession?’ you may be forgiven for coming up…

FLIR donates 100 thermal cameras to Australian volunteer fire brigades.
FLIR donate to fight Australian forest fires

The 2019/2020 Australian bushfire season, colloquially known as the Black Summer, started in June 2019…

Protecting the Landmark Group’s global HQ in Dubai from the threat of fire is an Axis EN fire system from Advanced.
Emergency evacuations: are you prepared?

As our buildings and the way in which we put them to use become more…

Fires spotting from one location to the next made control difficult if not impossible.
2019/20: Australia’s worst fire season on record

Australia has just been through its worst fire season with respect to areas burnt and…

Figure 1: Polystyrene (PS) a thermoplastic with very poor reaction to fire, image displays poor unsafe site management.
Flammable cladding in China: A site study 2020

Despite recent tragedies throughout the world, some countries, even in 2020, continue to use unsafe,…

‘We need to be in the mindset that we are full-time fire-prevention specialists and part-time firefighters. The part-time position is when we have failed to reach our audience properly.’ CFO Marcello Francati, Greater Copenhagen Fire Department.
International perspectives on risk reduction

Fresh from the two-day International Symposium hosted by West Midlands Fire Service, Phil Loach shares…

In the US alone, cooking fires cause billions of dollars of direct and indirect damage every year.
The quiet hero who delivered zero

This is a story that has its roots in New England, USA but it really…

Revelation of fire rated ducts

Smoke kills more people in fire than heat, flames or structural collapse every year. Often,…

Bronwyn Weir speaks at The Warren Centre industry-wide seminar on Fire Safety Engineering on 5 February 2019.
The Warren Centre Project – professionalising fire safety engineering

The recent Neo 200 apartment fire in Melbourne highlights that the existing installations of combustible…

The drop pattern from the Firehawk aircraft’s 3,785-liter belly tank can be adjusted in quantity or concentration depending on the fuel source and characteristics of the fire, and to avoid potential danger to ground crews.
Aerial firefighting with the Firehawk Helicopter

Last November’s wildland fires across the state of California killed dozens of residents, burned thousands…

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