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Up for the Challenge

ELKHART BRASS is the industry’s most experienced manufacturer of durable and innovative firefighting and fire protection equipment. Elkhart products can be found in fire departments and industrial installations/applications around the world; tank farms, loading racks, refineries, building systems and off-shore drilling sites, as well as in military, marine, and municipal firefighting applications.

Well known for its commitment to quality, value, and customer service, Elkhart celebrated its 110th anniversary in 2012. Since its founding, the company has been owned and operated by the same family and is in the fourth generation of management. Elkhart Brass still operates at its original site in Elkhart, Indiana. In addition to manufacturing and management, the site also houses product research and development, engineering, product testing, and is one of the few fire industry manufacturing sites that houses a forge. Elkhart manufactures more than 2,000 products used in virtually every aspect of firefighting and can monitor the process from concept and research and development, through the foundry and manufacturing and, finally, delivery of specialised products.

Elkhart’s goal has always been, and continues to be, to rise above the competition as an exceptional supplier to the national and international firefighting industry. Everyone at the company is up for the challenge, no matter what that challenge might be at the time. Firefighters are committed to making a difference in the world by saving lives, protecting assets and making the world safer; Elkhart believes in being equally committed to this charge as a supplier.

In order for firefighters to do their jobs successfully, they need to be equipped with the most reliable and durable equipment possible, plus be physically ready for the challenges of their profession. In keeping with this spirit of top performance and being a team member, Elkhart has committed to sponsoring events such as the 9-11 Stair Climb and the Firefighter Throwdown (www.firefighterthrowdownusa.com). These events, exclusively developed for industrial and municipal firefighters, showcases firefighter athletes in a competitive environment that encourages a healthy lifestyle, physical wellbeing, survivability and promotes firefighter camaraderie.

Elkhart Products

One of the key attributes of Elkhart products is durability. Specific to an industrial environment, Elkhart foresees a long future in this market that includes refineries, offshore drilling, tank farms and more. Coupled with durability is reliability. What good is a piece of equipment if it is durable but does not function properly when needed? Elkhart addresses both these considerations when working with an industrial customer to design and implement the best system possible for the installation. There are no geographic boundaries in its international considerations. Elkhart’s team has experience in all areas of the world and this depth of experience continues to grow.

Elkhart Brass has made great strides in innovation. In vertical markets outside of industrial applications; innovation can be seen in products such as HEROPipe (High Rise Emergency Response Offensive), which is used in battling difficult fires in high-rise buildings. (www.threheropipe.com). This type of creative thinking is what sets Elkhart Brass apart from the others in the fire industry. Always bringing new products to market is its goal, but the company only introduces new products when they are clearly addressing a need in the market, or if it is a new idea on how to save lives and assets. Elkhart will make the investment in order to bring new thinking to the marketplace and welcomes customers offering their challenges to be solved because the result will benefit all in the fire industry.

Elkhart Brass understands the daily challenges firefighters face and knows what they need to perform. The company equips firefighters around the globe with the most innovative equipment available so they can succeed on all levels of the job from the mental focus, to the physical demands on your body and the equipment you use. Elkhart is up for the challenge.

For more information, go to www.elkhartbrass.com


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