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Concept Engineering Limited

Artificial smoke is an essential training tool in PPV exercises or impulse ventilation testing (road tunnels etc.)

The majority of smoke systems in use today are derived from theatrical water based machines, and the resulting smoke evaporates rapidly in the fast moving airstreams that PPV and impulse systems create. Hence false impressions can be created as to the effectiveness
of such systems.

Concept’s ViCount and Vulcan smoke systems use an intrinsically biodegradable food quality chemical to produce a non-toxic smoke that is virtually unaffected by these high airflows (the resulting smoke travel can be measured in terms of kilometres in a confined tunnel environment) – hugely improving the effectiveness of training! Users will often find that just a single ViCount or Vulcan smoke generator will replace more than 10 theatrical water-based smoke systems and these units can pay for themselves in savings in running / maintenance costs within a matter of months

This smoke type is also extremely temperature resistant (to over 200°C, almost 400°F), so thermally buoyant smoke can be created in conjunction with a heat source.

If you’d like to see for yourself the impact of using a Concept smoke generator for PPV testing, hot fire training or indeed any large volume BA complex, just let us know! Concept has over 50 years’ experience in manufacturing industrial smoke generators specifically designed for
fire training.

For further information, go to www.conceptsmoke.com

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