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Cyclone Debbie is not just a cyclone

Australia’s northern state Queensland was hit by one of the largest cyclones for some time, the category 4 cyclone was the size of the United Kingdom and had wind speeds of up to 250 Km/hr when it hit the holiday resorts of Hamilton and Day dream island. The cyclone wreaked havoc for 24 hours, as it hit the main land it slowed to a Cat 1 cyclone and then a tropical depression.

That is not the end of the story, most do not realise that the aftermath of a tropical cyclone can be more devastating than the cyclone itself. For the last week, a massive rain dump from the cyclone has been travelling down the coast as far as Sydney, 2220 km away. Rivers are swelling and towns are flooding, with river gauges showing water levels 9 metres above normal (that’s a 3-storey building). Luckily no one was killed in the cyclone, unfortunately, 6 people have lost their lives in the aftermath.

Firefighters and SES workers from the unaffected south of Australia are living in tent cities while they assist with flood control and the clean-up.

A week out and the effects of ex-cyclone Debbie are still being felt with flood warnings likely to continue for another week. Read more in the link.

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