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Desperate mother saves her children

A mother trapped in a burning apartment in Sydney’s south-west last week was forced to drop her two-day-old baby six meters into the arms of a stranger and two-year-old toddler into a make shift safety net, put together by neighbours and made of mattresses and sheets. The fire brigade arrived just before the mother was about to jump and rescued her out of a second-storey window.

The fire started in the Sydney apartment block around 9.30pm Thursday while the 27-year-old woman was cooking, and quickly engulfed the apartment.

As the wall of flame moved towards her, blocking her from the front door, she moved with her toddler and two-day-old baby towards the window.

A neighbour, who had dragged a mattress from his own apartment stood below to catch them.

The children were uninjured and mother was treated for smoke inhalation and cuts to her feet.

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