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Diving cylinders explode in house fire

Firefighters were faced with exploding diving cylinders during a garage blaze at Watsonia in Melbourne’s north east on Saturday 5th September.

Crews were called to a home fire in quiet Suburban Street shortly after 2pm after numerous people reported hearing explosions.

Melbourne fire brigade, Commander David Woods said the homeowner, who was out at the time, had stored a large number of diving cylinders in the garage.

“He does a lot of diving, so it is assumed the air tanks from that is what caused the explosions,” Woods said. “The garage has an emergency order on it to be pulled down.”

The cylinders continued to heat as firefighters battled the blaze and at least two exploded.

“There were also a couple of paint tins that exploded, so there were a few bangs.” Wood said

It took 20 firefighters about 45 minutes to bring the fire under control and stop its spread to the adjoining house and a neighbouring property.


  • Pumpers: 3
  • Rescue Units: 1
  • Aerial units: 1
  • Other units: 1
  • Damage has been estimated at about $80,000.

The cause of the blaze is being investigated but it is not deemed suspicious

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