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FIRE MAX 3 – Next Generation Protection

  • 20 years of Rosenbauer personal protection equipment.

  • The FIRE MAX 3 with an entirely new material structure.

Rosenbauer initiated its production of personal protection equipment more than twenty years ago in the autumn of 1992 with the launch of the Heros fire service helmet. The company thus advanced from the status of a retailer to a producer and, since then, has systematically expanded its own equipment portfolio.
In particular, the FIRE MAX 3 meets the strictest safety requirements, as well as all relevant norms, and is also a fashionable trendsetter when it comes to design and comfort. The suit combines all the benefits and advantages of its predecessor, the Fire Max II. However, it also achieves still higher protection and, owing to the very latest cut and finishing, provides a level of wearer comfort previously unattained in a fire service turnout suit, which is maintained even in the most extreme operational situations.

Highest Protection Levels
The FIRE MAX 3 has both EN 469:2005+A1: 2006 (including Annex B) and EN 1149-5:2008 certification, whereby it achieves the highest protection levels in all categories.
Heat Permeation
In an emergency, a turnout suit must provide reliable protection against both flames and heat radiation for long enough to allow the wearer to withdraw from the danger area. The European EN 469 standard stipulates parameters, which are clearly surpassed by FIRE MAX 3.
Burning Behaviour
Naturally enough, resistance in relation to flaming, burning behaviour and flame spread is particularly important and the FIRE MAX 3 passed trials in this regard with flying colours. During such testing, various material samples are subjected to temperatures of around 1,000°C (84 kW/m2) on both the inside and outside for ten seconds. The FIRE MAX 3 has values clearly below the maximum of two seconds demanded by EN 469:2005. The seams stay tightly closed and sealing elements remain fully functional.
Water impermeability& water vapour penetration resistance
Fire services require protective clothing that is impermeable, not only against external moisture, but also the penetration of liquids such as petrol and extinguishing water. EN 469 prescribes water-tightness of at least 20,000mm water column, while the FIRE MAX 3 is characterised by a value of 100,000. A moisture blocker also provides the appropriate protection against cold. All benefits are achieved by means of a breathable, highly heat-resistant PTFE membrane, which has pores that are small enough to prevent water droplets entering, but large enough to allow water vapour molecules to escape. The FIRE MAX 3 corresponds with the highest performance level in every category of the EN 469 standard.
Innovative Materials & Fabric Structure
Heat-Resistant Outer Fabric
Either Nomex Tough, which is the classic fibre employed for fire service protective clothing, or high-performance polybenzimidazole (PBI) are used for the outer fabric. Both are extremely heat-resistant, flameproof and possess excellent mechanical and care characteristics.
High-tech Climatic Membrane
In the FIRE MAX 3, Rosenbauer employs a new PTFE membrane laminated onto a basophil fleece substrate as a high-tech moisture protection layer or liner between the outer fabric and the lining. The membrane has fine pores, which allow water vapour to pass, but not water in liquid form. Consequently, evaporated perspiration can be rapidly transported out of the suit and this results in a marked temperature difference between the inside of the jacket and the surrounding area. Not least, the lining is characterised by pleasant wearer comfort and low weight.
Characteristics & Functional Details
The new Rosenbauer turnout suit is waterproof, windproof, breathable and thermo-regulative; that is, warming or cooling on the skin.
In Use Worldwide
Fire Max turnout suits are in use across the globe and the strict safety standards contained in EN 469 are recognised in the majority of countries. As a consequence, like in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, firefighters in Australia, South America and the Near East have also placed their trust in the advantages of Rosenbauer products. Indeed, Rosenbauer provides a complete selection of personal protection equipment consisting of Heros helmets, Fire Max turnout suits, Safe Grip operational gloves and Twister, Twister-cross, Tornado and Austria boots.

For more information, go to www.rosenbauer.com

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