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Fire Protection Technologies

Fire Protection Technologies is the largest independent supplier of special hazard fire protection product, design and engineering services in Australia, New Zealand and Asia Pacific. In conjunction with our ‘whole of life’ approach to our product range, technical support, design and engineering solutions available throughout all stages of a project from development to delivery, we will continue

to provide ongoing support for the life of the product.

Our comprehensive range of fire detection and suppression products include the Insight Robotics infra-red, geo spatial imaging system that is able to detect a 1 metre x 2 metre fire in a forest 5 kilometres away.  The Class A and Class B foam concentrates available include both the high performance “C6” fluorinated foams as well as fluorine free foams as well as foam storage containers / tanks, foam monitors, foam system distribution and proportioning hardware.  Barricade Fire Blocking Gel is the most effective and environmentally benign gel available and is manufactured entirely from food grade materials.

For any particular application there can be a number of possible solutions. Talking to fire engineers that specialise in foam products should be your first stop in achieving the best result for your application.

Our philosophy “Every solution for your special hazard problems” drives us to continue searching the world for the highest quality products to combine with our existing product range in order to provide the best possible solution for your special hazard problems to protect people, property and business continuity from the hazards of fire and explosion.

For more information, go to www.fire-protection.com.au

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