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Retardant technologies now the norm.

GelTech Solutions – New fire retardant technology makes firefighting planes more effective

Single Engine Airtankers are quickly becoming the preferred fixed wing airtanker for initial attack firefighting operations. Though it has taken several decades for this shift to occur, it is now rare to come across a wildfire prone region that does not incorporate SEAT’s in their aircraft mix. The use of smaller, lighter aircraft requires a more effective, more visible and lighter weight product that can be used both, for fireline building and as a suppressant to knock down live flame. Both are roles for which the single engine aircraft were originally designed. Fire management agencies had previously lacked this dual advantage during initial and extended attack operations.

GelTech Solutions worked diligently with industry and agency stakeholders to develop products that fill the demanding need in fire management, leading FireIce to become a staple to many wildland firefighting agencies. FireIce is also a versatile tool for water scooping aircraft as it environmentally inert and safe to use around open water. The use of FireIce on aircraft like the Air Tractor-based FireBoss or Canadair CL-215’s has opened doors worldwide. Providing greater flexibility for aircraft firefighting roles, FireIce allows aircraft to penetrate through dense forest canopies and adhere to vegetation, making vegetation resilient to preheating or ignition. Additionally, FireIce’s portability and ease of setup minimizes the time and cost of setup for an airtanker retardant bases, as it uses one tenth of the concentrate of competitor products. With a 15 year shelf life FireIce is typically stored and ready for use before the need is present, and can be on-hand in close proximity to fire occurrences with little infrastructure, and at low comparative costs to other products.

In the United States there are 13 primary wildland fire agencies with SEAT operations and half of them have already added FireIce to their programs; if your overseas agency is looking at FireIce’s HVO-F, then you are not alone. Canada and Austraila are using and evaluating FireIce in their airtankers, small and large. Agencies using large airtankers have experienced the most palpable benefits of quick response and increased effectiveness, and continue to demonstrate these benefits with each new fire.

Quickly acquiring consumable firefighting products overseas is easy and convenient. IMCD in Australia has joined with GelTech Solutions and offers all FireIce products worldwide, including its municipal firefighting and structure protection products.

Already have firefighting aircraft and need increased effectiveness? Contact IMCD Australia via 03 85443100 or segan@imcd.com.au

For more information, go to www.fireIce.com

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