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Green light for FOX S deliveries

Green light for FOX S deliveries

A pumper belonging to the Mauterndorf Volunteer Fire Service has been equipped with the new Rosenbauer portable pump

Rosenbauer has commenced deliveries of the FOX S portable pump. The first was supplied to the Mauterndorf Volunteer Fire Service in the federal province of Salzburg and forms part of the extinguishing equipment carried by its new LFA. Above all this vehicle is to be used to establish extinguishing water supplies and therefore it has two portable pumps on board. A FOX is located at the rear of the vehicle and a FOX S is stored in one of its deep, lateral equipment compartments. This is possible owing to the pump’s compact design.

When ready for action, the FOX S weighs a mere 150 kg, which is 50 kg less than the standard requirement and makes operations far easier. Ergonomically shaped handles and the pump’s low center of gravity facilitate handling. In addition the FIX S is fitted with LED support frame lighting in order to increase the surefootedness of the carrier when moving in darkness.

The FOX S is powered by a water-cooled, two-cylinder, four-stroke serial engine from the BRP Powertrain company in Gunskirchen, Upper Austria. This engine, which comes from the power sports segment, has been specially modified for Rosenbauer and produces 40 hp with a cubic capacity of 600 ccm. It furnishes the FOX S with an output of up to 1,050 l/min at 10 bar, which fulfills the stipulations of EN 14466 with regard to the standard PFPN 10-1000 requirement. During bilge operations the FOX S achieves an output of up to 2,000 l/min at 3 bar. Moreover, it is also especially quiet when running.

Inuitive operation
The pump is operated using the proven Rosenbauer Logic Control System LCS 2.0. Clear gauges for the suction and pressure sides, a rev counter, an operating hours counter and control lights for the battery charge, oil pressure and fuel reserves all serve to provide information regarding the pump’s operational status. The controls are also backlit for safe operations in darkness or poor visibility.

The very latest electronics ensure the smooth running of the FOX S. Priming takes place by means of the piston priming pump, which changes gear via a magnetic clutch. Water is sucked in at the press of a button and once the priming pump has reached minimum pressure it shuts down automatically. A pump pressure regulator, overheating protection and a cavitation gauge are also available as options.

Inuitive operation

The FOX S is a portable pump in the 1,000 l class and like all Rosenbauer portable pumps incorporates the company’s 100 years of development and production experience in the fire pump field. Expertise, that makes it one of the most reliable devices on the market.

The new FOX S

Portable pump pursuant to EN14466 and EN1028
Standard examination: PFPN 10-1000
Max. Output at 10 bar: 1,050 l/min
Drive: BRP Rotax R 2-cylinder, 4-stroke engine with 29 kW (40 hp)
Pump: one-stage, light metal centrifugal pump
Priming pump: piston priming pump with automatic control
L x B x H: 926 x 636 x 845 mm
Weight: 150 kg (operational)

Mauterndorf Volunteer Fire Service LFA

All-wheel drive pumper
On MB Atego 1629 AF, 156 hp
Portable FOX at the rea
Portable FOX S in an equipment compartment
Pneumatic TS lowering
2 submersible pumps
Integrated RS14 generator
Full range of LED lighting (surrounding area lighting, lighting mast, traffic control unit)

For more information, go to www.rosenbauer.com

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