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PPV is a powerful firefighting tactic when used correctly. With the HAAGEN Positive Pressure Ventilation (PPV) Trainer, it is now possible to conduct hands-on PPV training that is efficient and effective. The PPV Trainer allows you to challenge trainees to control doors, windows and roof vents on a number of floor plans to successfully ventilate a building.

Students can set-up fans, introduce smoke and control doors, windows and ventilation holes to learn the principles of PPV. Clear walls and red transparent doors allow students to visualize the air flow and learn to control ventilation.


  • A modular system enabling a range of training opportunities.
  • Supplied as standard with a basement, first floor and roof for basic residential fire training.
  • Add additional levels and choose from a number of floor plans for more advanced fire scenarios.
  • The internal smoke generator with on-board smoke fluid reservoir is located in the basement of the structure. Smoke channels built into each level are used to fill the entire structure or specific rooms with smoke.
  • The handheld controller can be used to operate the on-board smoke generator and fans.
  • All windows and doors are fully operational and ventilation holes are included in the roof.
  • Internal doors are operated with cables and knobs mounted to the exterior of the floor.
  • Choose from a number of floor layouts and create a customised model based on your training requirements.

For further information, go to www.haagen.com

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