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“Think all smoke liquid is the same? Think again!”

We spend countless hours thinking about and taking steps to keep our firefighters safe during emergency events. But what about during training? As many as 10% of firefighter fatalities occur during training, not to mention injuries and exposure to harmful chemicals that can lead to devastating health complications down the road.

One example of this danger comes with training smoke. Despite what many people believe, not all training smoke is created equal. In fact, NIOSH (National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health) in the United States conducted a study on the risks of breathing in formaldehyde and diethylene glycol while using oil-based and glycol-based smoke liquid in firefighter training.

Their subsequent report concluded that in both oil based smoke and glycol based smoke, there were times where firefighters were being exposed to chemicals higher than the exposure limits.

HAAGEN is committed to keeping firefighters and instructors safe and healthy during training. One way we have done this is by specially developing our smoke liquid so that it produces virtually no traces of toxins or harmful chemicals. You and your trainees can get the most from your training without all the health risks.

Although NIOSH did not use any of our Smoke Generators in their testing, we always want to make sure
we are on the cutting edge of safety. So, we commissioned an independent third-party to test our smoke to see how it compared.

The independent laboratory concluded that our Smoke Generators were far below the exposure limits in all tests, and undetectable in many conditions. Rest assured that your firefighters can train using our generators and smoke liquid all day, without worrying about any devastating health effects.

In addition to a focus on safety, our generators are of the highest quality to ensure that the smoke doesn’t stop until your training is done. Our generators feature dual core heaters to produce endless amounts of smoke so thick and dense you’ll swear there’s a real fire in the building. Continuous smoke production means your training area gets smoked out, and stays smoked out, until you’re worn out.

Our generators and smoke liquid work together to produce smoke that does not leave a residue or gunk up the generator, so you can train all day without worrying about extensive clean up.

Learn more about the performance and quality of our smoke generators and how you can train with better smoke at www.haagen.com/safersmoke

*HAAGEN recommends using respiratory protection when using Smoke Generators for firefighter training and in heavy smoke conditions.

For more information, go to www.haagen.com/safersmoke

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