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Honeywell launches new residential safety solution with X-Series fire, smoke and heat alarms

Honeywell launches new residential safety solution with X-Series fire, smoke and heat alarms

Honeywell, which pioneered the first residential carbon monoxide alarm, today launched a new connected home safety system – the X-Series – that now includes smoke and heat alarms and a wireless module. The X-Series combines a discreet design with an industry-leading 10-year lifetime and warranty and easy installation to create a leading edge residential fire safety solution.

“The new X-Series is the most accurate, reliable and easy-to-install smoke and heat alarm system available,” said Tim Jack, Honeywell’s business leader for Residential and Recreational Products. “Unlike most other alarms, the X-Series offers an attractive solution that blends into its surroundings, yet is visible from all angles when an alarm sounds due to its prominent LEDs. The X-Series can also connect to carbon monoxide detectors – giving homeowners an integrated solution.”


Drawing on Honeywell’s 50-year experience in gas and fire detection, the X-Series range includes three models: an optical smoke detector; a multi-criteria (optical thermal) detector; and a heat detector. The multi-criteria alarm, XS100T, provides optimum protection by combining two highly accurate sensors to detect fires, whilst the XH100 heat alarm works best in dusty and steamy environments including kitchens and garages. The XS100 optical alarm provides protection in the main living rooms.

X-Series smoke and heat alarms connect wirelessly with other X-Series alarms, including carbon monoxide alarms, to provide an interconnected home safety system with alarms that talk to each other. Occupants can rest, safe in the knowledge they are protected from fires regardless of where they start in the house, providing valuable extra time to evacuate buildings before fires take hold.

X-Series alarms have a low-profile shape, concealed LEDs, a large test/reset button and audible alarm. The X-Series’ design blends into a residential environment whilst offering optimum visibility should an alarm be activated – the 360° visible alarm LEDs ensure homeowners are alerted to any dangers, even if they cannot see the alarm itself. Their easy push to activate installation and 10-year lifespan and warranty offers installers a simple fit and forget solution for protecting residential properties.


Independently approved to EN 14604:2005 by VdS and Kitemarked by BSI, the smoke and heat alarms offer a tamper-proof design and highly accurate sensors.

The X-Series smoke and heat alarms have been optimised for use by professionals dealing with residential fire protection. Delivering simple installation, coupled with a long life, they are the essence of ‘fit and forget’ – meaning installers can quickly fit and activate the alarms.

For more information, go to www.homesafety.honeywell.com

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