Hydrovent is a hydraulic ventilation and suppression system developed by Firefighters for Firefighters, and is dedicated to Safety Through Training.

How it Works

  • Hydrovent is put in place from the outside by a single Firefighter and left unmanned.
  • Hydrovent will then ventilates thousands of CFM.
  • The vent nozzle uses approximately 95 gpm and the Suppression nozzle uses approximately 95 GPM
  • Hydrovent  can be used from basement through high rise and roof cuts
  • Broken down from “Vent to Attack” without shutting down​
  • Hydrovent can even be used to break windows for effective placement
  • High rise- placed in from the safety of the floor below

HydroVent = Hydraulic ventilation and suppression done simultaneously by a single FF from the safety of the outside and then the tool is left unmanned.

Hydrovent Stats

  • 95 GPM fog out (Ventilation) – Approx. 95 GPM in (Suppression)
  • Weight 20 lbs. +-
  • Meant to be placed into the fire room from the outside
  • Hydraulic ventilation (Fog) out through the fire room – pulling heat and smoke out away from FF & Victims
  • Suppression simultaneously (Straight Streams) into the fire room – softening the fire – Dropping temperatures – Slowing fire growth and fire extension
  • Entry point – FF’s bring fresh air in with them – Flow path is directed out through the fire room
  • Protects exposures – Fog
  • Can be utilized to break windows and can be easily placed in Basement-1st-2nd – roof and high-rise ventilation openings.

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