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Hytera Communications Reveal Revolutionary Multi-Mode Radio

Hytera is proud to reveal its new multi-mode two-way radio, a handset that is the first of its kind in the private radio network industry. The radio supports multi-mode communication across a range of scenarios, from daily business operations to emergency response, broadband or narrowband, using the public or private network.

The device is the first truly convergent solution enabling critical voice and broadband data services. A Hybrid Network Professional Mobile Radio (PMR) networks have been the go-to for critical comms among many businesses for decades now. They provide a failsafe solution for voice applications and group and emergency calls. What they can’t do however, is handle vast amounts of data in a way that mass consumer technologies such as 3G and 4G can. If the two are interconnected to form a converged network, end users can enjoy the best of both worlds – taking advantage of the unique set of features that each has to offer.

Until now, many PMR users have had to carry multiple devices so that they can access DMR/TETRA networks and cellular broadband networks. Hytera Communications new multi-mode device, however, now provides one single hybrid solution, which supports both DMR or TETRA and 4g LTE services.

The handset is rugged and uses touchscreen technology to meet the wide requirements of today’s radio users. With rich applications and high-level data security, the radio allows users to listen and see clearly, operate and transmit securely, and use enhanced situational awareness to respond and achieve quickly and effectively.

“This new device is revolutionary,” claims Hytera’s UK Sales and Marketing Manager, Matthew Napier. “It delivers excellent situational awareness to users, with a mission-critical User Interface so that users can reach everything they need with just one hand.” “But most importantly, the convergence of Broadband and Narrowband means that communications are smooth. The two systems operate seamlessly: narrowband switches between digital and analogue, while broadband supports all mobile networks.”

By gaining access to fast broadband data, end users can send and receive video and images as well as being able to access databases – improving both efficiency and productivity. Videos can also be streamed automatically from remote or sensitive sites in the case of unauthorised entry or detection of faults.

The Hytera multi-mode device is the first of it’s kind to support a truly converged communications network – allowing businesses to benefit from both technologies. Not only does the multi-mode device retain the proven resilient voice technology of DMR and TETRA, it also provides access to new 4G LTE broadband technology – a growing necessity in today’s data-driven world.

For further information visit: www.hytera.co.uk

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