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Improve your fire safety with Portalevel® MAX from Coltraco Ultrasonics UK

Portalevel® MAX can be used by both the third party contractors to conduct annual servicing and certifying of the fire suppression systems, as well as by the end user’s fire safety officer to conduct in-house testing. This enables the end user to build up a more detailed fire safety regime. Although the end-user still requires the third party to certify their system in compliance with the regulations, we believe in the Safesite® mission of adding safety above and beyond regulations.

Portalevel® MAX is designed for those who want to improve their fire safety by introducing more regular testing of their fire suppression systems. Fitting into the palm of your hand, this lightweight, ultrasonic liquid level indicator is used for inspecting CO2, FM-200®, Novec™ 1230, FE-13, FE-26, HFCs and many more. Featuring bright LEDs as well as back-lit bar graph and numerical display, Portalevel® MAX offers the user 3 read-outs identifying where the contents of the fire cylinder is – within 1.5mm accuracy.

Coltraco Ultrasonics has a world-leading capability in the field of fire safety and a commitment to life and asset-safety. Coltraco Ultrasonics is a Safesite™ company.

For more information please visit www.coltraco.com

Coltraco Ultrasonics

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