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Insight Robotics

Insight Robotics

Insight Robotics, a technology company specializing in data visualization and risk management over large areas of land, has developed a revolutionary new solution capable of detecting fires the instant they break out.

The Insight Robotics Wildfire Detection System is the only system capable of detecting a single tree on fire up to five kilometers away, allowing fires to be extinguished before they can spread out of control. Specifically designed for cost-efficiency, durability and reliability, the system can protect an area for as little as US$2 dollars per hectare per year, safeguarding trees, property and lives and reducing the cost of fire suppression and damages.

The system is comprised of a network of automated InsightFD1 robots, all connected to a central control room. The robots combine a thermal sensor with geospatial intelligence to scan for fire and report its location while minimizing false alarms, leading the industry in detection time and location accuracy. The robots also provide a real-time video feed of the fire area and micro-weather data for response coordination.

Currently deployed to protect over 330,000 hectares of territory, the system has a detection track record of 100%. In Jinan City, China, the system detected all fires that occurred in 2014, allowing each outbreak to be suppressed by a single fire truck. At an official demonstration in Guadalajara, Mexico, attended by four forestry agencies, all fires were found within 15 minutes, four of those with an average time of under five minutes.


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