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ISG Thermal Imaging Cameras

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ISGs Advanced Thermal Imaging Cameras provide a level of situational awareness unmatched by any other camera on the market, they deliver performance enhancing imaging that allow the user to fully interpret a fire scene and make better, safer, tactical decisions. Our X-Series has been designed to provide a remarkable image. Its unique clarity with high-resolution imagery and full-size LCD are all housed inside this lightweight and compact system.

ISG specialise in the manufacture of one product, for one market. Thermal imaging is our main focus and the needs of the firefighter are all that matter. We have listened to market demands and have taken great effort to minimize the user interaction and simplify the operation of our cameras, for instance, Intelligent Focus is an automatic process, which can only be found in ISG thermal imagers. With Intelligent Focus, firefighters have the ability to focus their camera directly toward an object of interest, and see that object in crystal clear detail, just point the camera directly toward the object and watch your camera do the rest!

Automatic tactical colourisation provides firefighters with a means of recognising different temperature ranges depicted in a scene. This great situational awareness enhancement allows you to immediately identify key scene details of your surrounding environment so you can quickly assess your situation and highlight any high-risk areas.

ISG also provide the only cameras with Hot Spot Tracking, an enhancement used for situations where automatically identifying hot objects is vital to safety and Cold Spot Tracking, an application for cold spot tracking is to help locate gas or chemical valve leaks, but are many more uses for this amazing image enhancement.

ISG manufacture their own cores, especially constructed for firefighting. This offers several unique benefits that are instrumental in providing image quality that is superior to every other thermal imager and it allows us to better contain service and maintenance costs, plus it gives us a unique ability to provide future upgrade ability on all our cameras, future proofing your investment. ISG provide advanced thermal imaging cameras, we are world number one for good reason.

For more information, go to www.isgfire.com

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