This issue includes feature articles on Taiwan Earthquake Update, Multi-Agency (Integrated) CBR Capability and we take a look at what’s happening at 2016 Australia & New Zealand Disaster & Emergency Management and Search & Rescue Conference.

Other informative articles include Updates on Key Fire Standards, the Use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles for Emergency Communications, Planning for Catastrophic Disasters, Monitoring Practices of Firefighter Safety when Working in the Heat and much, much more.

We sincerely hope you enjoy reading yet another informative issue of APF Magazine.

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When foam applications are required, the QuadraCup selectable gallonage nozzle can provide a far reaching straight stream, wide protective fog pattern, or aspirated finished foam with the simple twist of the protective front bumper. Image courtesy of Task Force Tips.

Desmond Bahr, Howard Colvin, Jane Embury, Andrew Gissing, Mark L. Gribble, Dawn Hendrick, Peter Lucas, Nathan Maddock, John McAneney, Craig H. Shelley, Gary Parkinson, Paul Somerville, Jamie Storrie, Sue Tarantino, Ken Taylor, Anthony Walker, Tim Wheeler, Scott Williams, Mike Willson.

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