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Issue 59 - October 2016

Whether it’s through our training and accreditation programs, recognising excellence, contribution and commitment at our Gala Awards, or our ongoing advocacy for improved regulation, codes and standards, Fire Protection Association

‘Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result’ is a definition of insanity. In 1990 I was given the task to break the male domination of

Working in collaboration with the New Zealand Defence Force, Fraser Fire and Rescue Ltd has just commenced production of a fleet of Demountable Fire Platforms (DFP’s) (also known as ‘PODS’)

Fires in external cavities of clad buildings are a major issue which appear with ever increasing frequency in the news headlines across the globe. Ventilated cladding systems are an extremely

To make Yunnan a pivot of China’s fire information opening-up to South and Southeast Asia has become a major strategic task of the new era. With execution of the Communist

More than 2300 emergency management personnel and volunteers, researchers and fire industry professionals gathered in Brisbane at the end of August to hear the latest research findings, explore new approaches

The foam concentrate is a mixture of different raw materials such as solvents, salts, corrosion inhibitors and mainly surfactants. In case of synthetic products, there are two types of surfactants:

Cardiac arrest occurs suddenly and often without warning. The opportunity to change the outcome for the patient lies in the actions taken in the first few minutes after collapse. CPR,

Understanding how the extinguishing agents in your gaseous fire suppression system are regulated under national law has many benefits including protecting your workers and the environment. Commercial and industrial premises

In recent months there has been a growing interest in the area of protective clothing and equipment for Fire Fighters from stakeholders within the sector. This article will take a

Like most items of PPC, a lot has changed over the years in the manufacturing of Structural Fire Fighting Gloves. With so many gloves on the market today, we are

Personal protection for firefighters has a long history. While many other technological developments sound as if they evolved out of a fairy-tale past, our modern firefighting equipment seems more as

Using video for fire safety outreach is nothing new, many people and departments are doing it – just search YouTube using the words “fire safety” and you’ll get 1.1 million

Our approach to warning communities of an emergency has transformed rapidly over the last decade. A little bit further back, say 15 years ago, we were only just beginning to

Pacific Disaster Center (PDC) is a U.S.-based program with its headquarters on the island of Maui, Hawaii, which is dedicated to saving lives and securing developmental progress by fostering disaster

Over the last ten years, evidence and results of Community Based Fire Management (CBFiM) from different regions of the globe has led to a paradigm shift to approaches in fire

Much of what is known about pet owner behaviour in emergencies in an Australian context is informed by limited or anecdotal evidence, or media reporting of the actions, or inactions,

Spotting is a hazardous phenomenon which leads to unpredictable fire behaviour and accelerated fire spread. Spot fires occur when embers are launched by bushfire plumes into the background wind, which

Research undertaken by Risk Frontiers shows that heatwaves are responsible for the largest number of deaths in Australia from natural disasters (Coates et al. 2014). In particular the South East

For those involved, in any capacity, with the Victorian 2009 ‘Black Saturday’ bushfires your experiences and losses are respectfully acknowledged. The lives of thousands of people, animals, businesses and places

HeatSeeker Technology & Design, LLC, based in Knoxville, TN, has made a commitment to save the lives of firefighters around the globe by producing products that assist in rehabilitation on

When it comes to fire alarm systems, the main concern that building owners and managers have is creating a safe environment, occupant safety, property protection and code compliance. When there

Antarctica is the coldest, highest, driest, windiest and most desolate continent on earth. It is an exceptionally remote part of the world which is difficult to access, with vast distances

In November 2015, during his swearing in ceremony, the Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau made a statement about how his new cabinet ‘Looks like Canada today.’ When asked why was

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