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Issue 60 - January 2017

How many times have I heard suppliers say this, in frustration, when clearly they have an exceptional product? Although it is changing slowly, fire services are conservative and risk adverse;

The Fire Protection industry is growing in importance and stature in most parts of the world in step with growing urban development and a general acknowledgement that it is too

Grace Industries Inc. is pleased to announce the new “one of a kind” NFPA compliant firefighter Stand-Alone Personal Alert Safety System (PASS) and RF PASS. The National Fire Protection Association

In 2017, Williams Fire & Hazard Control will be bringing the Xtreme Industrial Fire & Hazard Training Workshop to the Asia-Pacific Region, holding class room and field exercises at the

A high professional standard is the expectation for any mature industry and the Australian fire protection industry has been taking significant steps towards maturity in recent years. The signs of that

Simon-Carmichael International Group Ltd. (SIG), manufactures a comprehensive range of World Class Fire Fighting Vehicles under the SIMON and CARMICHAEL UK brand names, serving all sectors of the Fire Fighting

The US Air Force has awarded a $6.2 million contract to replace firefighting foam used in fire vehicles with an environmentally responsible foam to reduce the risk of possible contamination

The Environmental considerations in which firefighters work today is becoming increasingly uncertain and complex. In Australia, rapid changes to building regulations, urban population growth, the security environment, climate change and

In April 2016, a fire alarm went off at Auckland International Airport in New Zealand. The terminal building at the airport, which handles 17 million passengers annually, was evacuated and

The growth of solar photovoltaic (PV) systems has been exponential for the past two decades. In the last 10 years especially, the world has seen solar PV evolve from a

Many were surprised the promised 3rd draft consultation by Queensland’s Department of Environment and Heritage Protection never materialised, when the Minister unexpectedly announced implementation of its final Policy on 8th

Despite stricter safety requirements and the use of newer technologies, fire fighters are still involved in many incidents during their brave defence. They are involved in accidents during field operations

What happens when the fire is extinguished and the gear is packed away? Is there any thought put to what caused the fire, or where it started? Do you conduct

A better understanding of the economic costs of disasters and their risks, and the risk-reducing benefits of mitigation, can build a compelling case for what can be implemented now to

Accurate identification of the cause of a Wildfire plays a critical behind-the-scenes role when it comes to the presentation of evidence in Criminal, Coronial or Civil proceedings, or to gain

Most people don’t know Hatz Diesel Australia have been working with the fire industry for over 30 years and supply 80 per cent of the diesel engines for Australia’s fire

Roger Startin, Joint Managing Director of Bristol Uniforms, explores the complex variations in PPE requirements for firefighters across the globe, and the challenge of developing PPE to suit specific countries

The ACT Emergency Services Agency (ESA) recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Vanuatu Government in relation to fire and emergency management activities. This arrangement is supported by

Bushfires and other natural disasters are becoming increasingly frequent and more severe. Australian bushfire projections suggest that by 2020 the number of days classified as ‘very extreme’ bushfire risk will

With improvements in the handling and transport of hazardous chemicals and with risk being designed out of chemical plants wherever possible, the number of chemical incidents involving the emergency services

The recent 3-part article by Shelley and Tarantino said “Overfill ground, dike, or bund fires result from piping or tank leakage. This may be caused by operator error, equipment or

Standards Australia develops and adopts voluntary standards for use in Australia. We do this to support the needs of industry, government and the wider community and help make Australia more

After 17 hours without sleep, impairments in your mental performance are similar to those of blood alcohol levels of 0.05. Your reflexes are slower, your judgement is impaired and what

Five of Australia’s six most costly natural hazard events have come from different perils: a tropical cyclone, an earthquake, a flood, bushfire and a convective storm. Over the last 20

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