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Issue 63 - October 2017

People, products and enforcement: these are the three pillars we need to get right to ensure an effective fire protection industry. Recent media coverage of fire protection in Australia has been

APAC Xtreme Fire School is back! 15th–18th January 2018, Thailand Following the success of the 2017 APAC Xtreme Fire School, Williams Fire & Hazard Controls (WF&HC) Industrial team is coming back

Staged for and by the sector, AFAC17 powered by INTERSCHUTZ, was held from 4-7 September 2017 at the International Convention Centre Sydney. The sectors’ premier annual conference and exhibition saw more

The next step in fire detection solutions Zettler profile Flexible is a powerful fire detection and alarm system that uses MZX Technology at its heart. MZX Technology was originally designed for

Offroad Trucks Australia, the WA-based national distributor of Tatra trucks, has signalled a move outside its exclusive domain of severe off-road capability, with a new fire and emergency tender destined

Learn how to build a code-compliant sprinkler system quickly and easily with the TYCO SprinkCAD software suite. This advanced sprinkler design software provides comprehensive tools for sprinkler system design, hydraulic

Natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods, and forest fires are among the tragedies that often threaten human lives, destroy property, paralyzes society, the economy and community daily activities. In Malaysia,

Bushfires are common in Australia due to our hot and dry climate, making the bushfire standard a key document to help protect the Australian community. The standard is primarily concerned

Australia is exposed to a variety of natural and technological disaster risks, which vary in their significance across the nation. Communities are faced with the increasing costs of disaster losses

Both customer and client are there to exchange information. Just make sure it’s the correct information to the correct person. Currently there is an emergency service conference at least twice a

When designing PPE for firefighters, providing protection against the dangers of fire is of course paramount. Thanks to the work of leading international fibre and fabric manufacturers, there are now

Extreme winds from tropical cyclones (TCs) regularly threaten communities worldwide. In recent decades significant efforts have been put towards improving our understanding of the mechanisms involved. In particular detailed analysis

The tragic deaths of eight people following the accidental triggering of a Pyrogen extinguishing system in a Thai bank in March 2016 should not happen in Australia as long as

We spend billions of dollars on fire safety in buildings, sprinklers, fire alarms and fire walls etc. We also spend billions of dollars on fire departments. I would like to

Unlike other cables, fire resistant cables have to work even when directly exposed to fire to keep essential equipment working: Fire alarms, emergency lighting, emergency warning and communication systems (EWIS),

Fatalities from floods are a major cause of natural hazard deaths around the globe. Here in Australia, floods are ranked second only to heatwaves in terms of the total number

One of the most challenging situations in fire management is when relatively non-threatening weather conditions are expected, but a severe fire eventuates. These situations can result in significant loss of

Fires cause Home and Business owners to face the anguish of losing prized valuables, photographs, documents, even special items that may be low in cost but high in sentimental value

A number of related trends are shaping the future of the emergency services landscape. Their implications may vary but the common thread is that they are often driven by increasing

As all of us know, firefighting is a dangerous profession and it is increasingly evident that firefighters are at a much higher cardiovascular risk than any other profession; this is

Working at high altitudes is considered to be extremely dangerous. Fire services, for instance, need to conduct safe rescue operations, yet they are by no means the only ones. Safe

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