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LHD Group Australia

LHD Group Australia has catered to the Australian/NZ Emergency Services and Law Enforcement sectors for over a decade by providing premium PPC and uniform solutions and services. We are a subsidiary of LHD Group GmbH, a leading global system provider in the management of professional and protective clothing and footwear.

Particularly in the field of PPC, our LION brand is globally renowned for its continuous pursuit to cater for the growing needs of today’s firefighters and rescue members. For more than 110 years, the LION brand has been a synonym for functional and high standard protective clothing and uniforms, and ensuring the health, safety and performance of our heroes in their everyday life, with the highest possible quality.

Our Products

“Tip to Toe” solutions via design and supply of PPC and uniform items incorporating the latest designs, technologies and innovations that continue to set new standards in quality and function. Our objective always remains the same: The safety of our customers! via developing next generation PPC that accommodate diverse operational environments, applications and climatic conditions and that afford the best possible ergonomics with maximum protection by means of weight-saving design, functional performance, durability, comfort and state-of-the-art materials.

LHD has made its mission to develop PPC in a way to maximise protection whilst minimise fatigue and the physiological constraints on the wearer.

LHD employs a TotalCare® system for numerous international and Australian clients for the supply, distribution/wardrobe management, care, laundering, repair and maintenance of all clothing/PPC and footwear items. The very essence of the TotalCare® model is to add maximum value, by optimised and expert coordination of clients clothing/PPC supply and wardrobe management system. LHD pioneered this concept and is field proven globally with TotalCare® centres operational across the globe.


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