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LHD Group – Leading the Way in PPE

LHD Group – Leading the Way in PPE

The LHD Group, headquartered in Cologne in Germany, was founded in 2002. The internationally active group of companies was created as a public private partnership between the German Federal State and the German forwarding company Hellmann Worldwide Logistics GmbH & Co. KG, and the US manufacturer Lion Apparel Inc. With the purchase of the jas AG in 2008, the LHD Group was able to expand its portfolio in the sectors of fashion and design.

In 2009 the company took over large parts of the Lion Apparel Group of companies, the worldwide leading manufacturer of personal protective clothing and equipment for fire services. For more than 110 years, the Lion brand has been a synonym for functional and high standard protective, special clothing and uniforms.

Today, LHD Group is the leading provider of innovative, comprehensive solutions for corporate fashion, work wear and uniforms, as well as personal protective equipment and counts among its customers big international carriers (road, rail and air), retailers and forwarders, as well as armed forces, the police, fire brigades, security personnel and customs officers.

The range of services offered by LHD encompasses design consultancy and product development, procurement, logistics, distribution, tailoring, laundry, dry cleaning and repair. Due to the combination of qualified and individual consultation with fashion competence and logistic know-how, the group goes far beyond simply supplying its customers with textiles. This is based on an international orientation, state-of-the-art technologies coupled with an understanding of the manifold needs of the customers.

The Group offers, for example, TotalCare, a fully managed service concept for personal protective equipment. The service modules can be individually combined with one other and offer customer the greatest possible degree of flexibility in clothing management. The superior design, durability and service provided by LHD Group around the globe has led to contracts with major agencies such as the Hong Kong Fire Services Department, Singapore Civil Defence, Brandweer Amsterdam, Hamburg Fire Department or the South Australian Metropolitan Fire Service, to name a few.

Particularly in the field of personal protective equipment, the group has set itself with its Lion brand the following goals and pursues them continuously:

Catering for the Growing Needs of Todays Firefighters
Firefighters around the world are exposed to the toughest conditions while on duty. During firefighting and rescue operations they experience varying environments and climatic conditions that impact them physically. In order to reduce fatigue, heat-stress and confinement issues as well as maximising durability and comfort, LHD Group has made its mission to develop PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) in a way to minimise the physiological constraints on the wearer.

Utilising state-of-the-art materials ensures that Lion garments are continually getting lighter while vastly improving their level of protection, breathability, durability and comfort. Of the multiple assemblies and composite constructions LHD has available to meet with the end user’s requirements, the three-layer or two-layer construction, utilising spacer technology is one that LHD Group is specifically proud of. Through combining both the thermal and moisture barriers into a single composite, this technology reduces the overall weight of garment tremendously, therefore making it less bulky and improving overall movability. This patented innovation significantly revolutionises the way firefighting PPE is manufactured.

LHD Group – Leading the Way in PPE

LHD Group – Leading the Way in PPE

Optimising ergonomics is essential to enable first responder’s freedom of movement. For this reason, the Lion garments are designed and produced to move in synergy with the firefighter’s natural body movements. The raglan cut of the jacket allows the wearer to work overhead or in confined spaces without limiting the reach of the wearer – while at the same time preventing the hem of the coat rising up, thus minimising exposure. Together with the high-waist cut trousers, this ensures there is always sufficient overlapping of the jacket and pants. A lengthened sleeve and a thumb loop integrated into the cuff prevents the sleeve from slipping back to expose the hand and/or arm, provides optimum protection irrespective of the glove length.

The legs and arms of each garment are contoured to enhance natural movement and motion for the firefighter. Notched elbows and knees greatly reduce excess material from gathering behind these joints, providing greater freedom of movement while minimising wearer fatigue. The padded suspenders prevent compression when carrying personal equipment such as breathing apparatus and assist by carrying the weight of the trousers evenly across the shoulders.

Safety features are an essential for any suit to assist in situations requiring prevention or quick response. All Lion garments have an inspection portal enabling the assessment of the internal composition fabrics of each individual garment. This ensures that the garments are “ready for action” and offer sufficient protection. Should first responders find themselves in a volatile situation, Lion garments are available with integrated drag-rescue-devices (DRD), rescue loops and/or panic-zipper.

Creating innovations is essential to ensure LHD Group can always cater to the evolving needs of the first responder community. Apart from the spacer technology and the integrated rescue loop in our Lion garments, LHD invented the vented moisture barrier (VMB). The vented moisture barrier reduces the build-up of heat beneath the turnout coat by allowing air flow into the jacket – key in reducing heat stress while en-route to a call or while engaged in exterior firefighting operations. Furthermore, our Cooline suspenders actively reduce the temperature beneath the coat, helping to maintain the comfort level and further reducing heat stress. The TotalCare service offered by LHD Group around the globe is another innovation that speaks for the capabilities of the company; giving the customer the ability to choose service modules from design over laundry and inspection to disposal of garments. The TotalCare solution has proven to drastically prolong the durability of garments.

By incorporating all these features and services, LHD is able to provide a quality second to none in the PPE industry. The group’s professional products, brands and services, as well as its transparency help to provide its customers with cost effective solutions. LHD Group works collaboratively with its customers to ensure the final product meets with their operational requirements while consistently exposing them to the latest in world class designs and global innovations.

For more information, go to www.lhd-group.com

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