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Lion International – Our Task – Your Protection

LION can look back on more than one hundred years of history in the development of new products and services – always at the center of attention: Ensuring the health, safety and performance of our heroes in their everyday life, with the highest possible quality.

Moving forward, Lion’s innovative developments continue to set new standards in quality and function. With the development of innovations and the continuous improvement of our well-proven products and service, our objective remains the same: The safety of our customers! With innovative design features and new materials, we offer them the best possible freedom of movement with maximum protection.

Kinetic, the new protective suit from Lion, represents the idea that, by means of weight-saving design, functional tailoring and state-of-the-art materials, a new stage of protection and ergonomics can be achieved in the area of fire-fighting protective clothing.

Kinetic combines innovative outer fabrics, such as PBI® Max or NOMEX® Kinetic, with ParallonTM, the latest membrane from the house of GORE®. As well as very good insulation characteristics and extremely low weight, Kinetic convinces with excellent values of Ret, HTI and RHTI.

Design and functionality of the suit have been re-worked and optimized in accordance with knowledge gained from the latest ergonomic studies.

Features of the jacket include: a saddle-raglan cut, a special construction in the shoulder area, as well as a sleeve implemented in multiple-parts, guaranteeing excellent wear comfort. Well-proven details of the V-Force™ model, such as the hand-back protection through an extended outer sleeve hem or the reinforced thumb loop, have been retained in Kinetic.

In spite of diverse fixations and pockets, superfluous material has been avoided so that no additional layers block water-vapor transport. For example, the jacket is provided with external pockets with bellows on both sides, a radio-equipment pocket with adjustable elevation, as well as a lamp support for a lamp in the left-hand area. If necessary, further radio equipment can also be fixed here. In the shoulder area loops were incorporated for hand-held microphones, so that in case of hand-held microphones with digital radio, the antenna can protrude out over the shoulder.

The width adjustment on the sleeve, as well as all close-offs, are provided with new, improved grip straps. The front close-off has been combined with a panic zip-fastener and thus guarantees rapid and easy opening of the jacket. Reinforcements were attached on the elbow and sleeve hems for longer durability, where a pre-formation of the elbow area also ensures a higher level of mobility. In addition to this, parts of the two color jacket were made dark for dirt protection.

As well as different possibilities of velcro application for the fixing of name strips and back signs, a back print can also be attached as an alternative. In the same way, a customized ID tab can be applied on the jacket extension in the back area.

Features of the trousers include: “rotating” seams (a feature taken from the sportswear segment) were incorporated for the first time. An intelligent placement of the side pockets along these seams also guarantees optimal access with bent posture, while a three-dimensional pre-formation of the knee area with integrated padding enables an improved level of mobility. Pockets for additional padding at the legs are also provided.

The replaceable, breathable suspenders are provided with an adjustable and soft connecting piece in the neck area. The front close-off of the suspenders has been equipped with a safety lock in order to prevent any unintentional opening. The length of the suspenders can be adapted.

The waistband is provided with an improved width adjustment, grip straps and elastic, and, on the trouser fly, a new grip strap has been likewise incorporated for simpler opening and closing. The right-hand thigh pocket has been fitted with additional elastic loops for wooden wedges.

The well-proven, reinforced, trouser-hem cut-out, as well as new design of the crotch area has been adapted. As in the case of the jacket, dirt-sensitive locations have been darkened here.

Kinetic is available in different layer constructions and color combinations. Furthermore, additional outfitting with comfort suspenders or rescue loops can be implemented on request.

Experience the latest technologies close to the skin with regard to breathability, freedom of movement and lightness – discover Kinetic!

For more information, go to www.lioninternational.com/kinetic/

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