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MSA Thermal Imaging Cameras

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MSA introduced one of the first firefighting thermal imaging cameras over a decade ago. In the years following, we’ve refined TIC design through innovation and expertise, delivering several successful generations of market-leading TICs. We continued this commitment to the fire service by releasing the EVOLUTION 6000 TIC, a new NFPA-compliant platform to make TIC use easier, faster, lighter, and more intuitive.

The EVOLUTION 6000 TIC platform comprises three models to offer the best mix of features, including NFPA 1801 compliance, to support the thermal imaging needs of all first responders.

New and enhanced features include best-in-class image quality with high resolution 320×240 imaging cores, light weight, laser pointer and range finder, compass, integrated video and picture capture and integrated wireless video transmission system to take user experience to another level.

NFPA compliant third-party certification, nonincendive equipment (UL Class 1, Div 2) for additional safety within combustible environments, fireground tough product design provides waterproof shock resistance, and a Camera Configuration Application customize camera settings to meet customer needs.

EVOLUTION® 6000 Basic TIC provides easy to use performance – a simplified fireground tool. Economical, durable value to fit budget. Standard flashlight provides extra visibility for firefighter proximity to enhance safety and situational awareness. Laser pointer pinpoints hot spots and other areas of interest to allow others to take fast, specific action.

EVOLUTION 6000 Plus TIC adds additional tools to aid and improve fireground safety and decision making. 2x/4x zoom gets a closer look at areas of interest. Six user-selectable colour palettes provide flexibility to view thermal images. A compass allows for faster rescues and improved situational awareness by displaying letters or icon for directional information. Optional integrated video transmitter enables remote monitoring for improved decision making. Optional integrated range finder offers more usable information to enable faster, more precise action from 5 to 70 metres away (replaces flashlight option).

EVOLUTION 6000 Xtreme TIC adds integrated picture and video capture to save action to camera’s internal hard drive. It offers the capability to download pictures and video to your desktop and use pictures and video for training, after-action review and documentation.

EVOLUTION 6000 TICs are tools for firefighters and first response emergency personnel that are used for search and rescue, fire scene size-up, overhaul, location of victims, and advanced firefighting and first response applications. The design is optimised for firefighters in ergonomic design, ease of incorporation with firefighting gear and to withstand rigors of firefighting environments.

For more information, go to www.msasafety.com 

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