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New DuPont™ Tychem® Garments Offer Improved Hazard Protection and Comfort

DuPont has added more innovations to its protective garment range with enhanced design features that offer improved personal protection while ensuring comfort and ease of movement for the wearer. Made from proven Tychem® fabric, the new garments provide a reliable barrier against many of the organic and highly concentrated inorganic chemicals and biohazards encountered in military and civilian emergency response applications and crime investigation; including nerve reagents, fire suppressants and bodily fluids.

One major innovation is the Tychem® 6000 F FaceSeal, a tight coverall that features an integral rubber seal around the hood aperture. Designed to provide a perfect fit and tightness when wearing a full-face mask, this is the garment of choice for applications where liquid leaks may be a particular hazard. As well as providing protection for the wearer, the FaceSeal eliminates the need to use supplementary taping, which saves time when donning and doffing the garment and could, therefore, improve response times in emergency situations. The Tychem® 6000 F FaceSeal offers excellent frontal protection thanks to a horizontal back opening that allows the user to step into the garment before pulling on the upper section. The rear vent is then secured using a zipper and flap with poppers. Attached dissipative socks combined with antistatic treatment on the inside enable the garment to be used in explosive zones**. The Tychem® 6000 F FaceSeal also features attached undergloves, double-taped seams and elastication at the wrists and waist.

A second introduction is the Tychem® 6000 F coverall, which has an ergonomically designed hood for excellent compatibility with face masks. This garment is also equipped with double cuffs – the inner one knitted to prevent chafing – which makes it perfect for wearing with double gloves. All these features in combination mean that the Tychem® 6000 F is designed for optimum comfort and protection in a wide range of hazardous situations and acts as an effective barrier to infective agents and radioactive contamination. Tychem® 6000 F also features a double zip closure and can be reused if not contaminated.

For those working in explosive environments (Ex-zones)** where any electrical charge presents a potential hazard, DuPont has available the new Tychem® F with dissipative socks. This hooded coverall has a boot flap and integrated socks offering electrostatic dissipative performance due to the specially designed sole. Completing the new introductions is Tychem® 4000 S, a general-purpose coverall that is made from soft, supple fabric for maximum comfort and wearability. Its protective qualities are due to a chemical barrier film that is laminated to DuPont™ Tyvek® protective material. Features include a large zipper that makes it easy to fasten and unfasten when wearing gloves and seam barriers as robust as the fabric. Options include integrated socks.

All of these new garments carry the relevant European standards for use in Type 3 hazardous areas and are suitable for either single use or multiple use if not contaminated or damage.

** If considered for use in explosive environments, an application specific risk assessment is required to validate coverall suitability.

This can be complemented by a personal earthing monitor test.

For more information please visit: www.dupont.com
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