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New extrication e-learning program supported by Holmatro

As introduced at Interschutz 2015

The company Fire-learning, specialist in e-learning programs for Fire & Rescue Services, is proud to present “Extrication e-learning”. This online course is based on Holmatro’s Vehicle Extrication Techniques book and app, written by Rescue Consultant Ian Dunbar. It includes subjects such as safety, new car technology, tools & equipment, the Team Approach – a method that aims to reduce time on scene – and many technical rescue techniques you can use with a vehicle on its wheels, on its side and on its roof. Numerous pictures and videos make it easier to absorb the learning material.

About e-learning

It has been found through research that compared to condensed training, spaced practice is much more effective in promoting long-term retention (Bjork 1999). And that is exactly the main benefit of e-learning: it guides you through the subject matter step by step and helps you repeat themes you haven’t completely mastered yet. Success is guaranteed for everyone of all levels: the course continues until you have achieved a predefined result. And after that regular review exercises help you preserve your knowledge. This is how e-learning contributes to continuous professional development.

Information for instructors

Extrication e-learning saves instructors a lot of time as it fully replaces theoretical classroom training. In addition, instructors have access to a student monitoring system where they can see all results. Analyzing these results can help them identify specific training needs. The course is very suitable to combine with hands-on training.


  • Low cost: only € 27,- per student

  • Accessible on all platforms and devices (Windows, Linux, iOS, Android, pc, laptop, tablet, smartphone)

  • Suitable for rescuers of all levels

  • Step by step learning at your own pace

  • Success guaranteed: everyone passes

  • Review exercises to combat skills fade

For organizations:

  • Replaces theoretical classroom training

  • Proven competence of staff

  • Student monitoring system to help identify training needs

  • Very suitable to combine with hands-on training

  • Promotes continuous professional development

Getting started

You can simply order the extrication e-learning program online at fire-learning.info/webshop.

For more information, please contact Fire-learning: info@firelearning.nl, +31 (0)345 76 41 14.

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