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New Fire Protection Nozzles from Spray Nozzle Engineering

As exclusive Bete partner in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Rim, Spray Nozzle Engineering is pleased to announce the addition of a new expanded range of fire protection nozzles for special hazard fire suppression systems.

On the back of the successful N series spiral nozzles installed for fire protection and fixed suppression in marine, offshore, and tunnels locally and internationally, Spray Nozzle Engineering’s fire protection nozzle range now includes Bete’s new AFF fire protection spray nozzles.

The FM-approved, flat fan AFF nozzles can be employed in water wall applications where water is used as a barrier to provide a protective shield against radiant heat, harmful gases, and flames, and in water deluge applications for surface or equipment protection when relying on rundown.

Spray Nozzle Engineering have a long history in special fire protection applications, having supplied the FM-approved N-Series spiral nozzles for many road tunnel Fixed Fire-Fighting Systems (FFFS). Noted installations include the successful deployment of the N series spiral nozzles in the 2007 Burnley tunnel fire, contributing to minimal infrastructure damage and the rapid reopening of the tunnel.

They have also developed patented vehicle fire protection nozzles. The BM Foil nozzles incorporate a foil cover orifice protection system, designed to provide consistent spray distribution and fire suppression performance. The BM Foil is perfect for high heat and dust susceptible environments and is an optimal foam fire protection in mining, farming, forestry and other applications where nozzle orifices require protection.

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