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Newly Revamped State-of-the-art Fill Stations

Earlier this year, Tyco Fire Protection Products completed a multi-million dollar investment to revamp their Halocarbon and Inert gas filling facilities in the Great Yarmouth, UK manufacturing facility. Tyco’s customers can now benefit from the shortest lead times and higher quality of service.

Our state-of-the-art facilities are designed, developed and engineered by Tyco’s Fire Protection Products. The filling of our SAPPHIRE, FM-200 and Inert gas containers is a process that demands a high level of control, accuracy and integrity. Our containers are filled and pressurized in strict accordance with National and International standards such as EN 15004, ISO 14520 and NFPA 2001.

The advanced production line is an automated facility which ensures Tyco’s customers receive a product that exceeds the minimum industry standards. The process involves the capture of hundreds of individual pieces of data on a particular container against a specific customer order, ensuring full trace-ability of the container on its journey through production and later at the customer location, using a barcode scanner.

The video below shows the filling process in the Halocarbon filling facility.

“To view the Inert gas filling facility, click here:

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