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Nomex® 50th Anniversary – A Reason to Celebrate

Nomex® was a result of fundamental research and development (R&D) in the 1960s conducted by DuPont scientists Paul Morgan and Stephanie Kwolek.

In 1967, these brand fibres were commercialised and have been used across a diverse range of applications.

Today, more than three million firefighters around the world are protected by turnout gear, station wear and accessories made of Nomex® due to its unique combination of flame protection, durability and mobility.

Nomex® is also used in apparels worn by military pilots and combat vehicle crew; auto racing drivers, pit crew members and track officials; and industrial workers at risk from flash fire and electric arc hazards. Furthermore, the fibre is used for honeycomb panels in aircraft production as well as for insulation materials in electrical engineering.

The new brand platform Nomex® Never Quit™ exemplifies the spirit of the heroes and innovators around the world who rely on the unparalleled protection of Nomex®, while underscoring the DuPont commitment to continuous innovation.

John Richard, DuPont™ Nomex® Global Business Director, said: “We are proud of what Nomex® has made possible in the past. That’s why we will continue to innovate and collaborate with companies around the world, using the unparalleled protection of Nomex® to help solve the toughest challenges of the next 50 years, and beyond.”

Visit DuPont at www.dupont.com

Image shows DuPont celebrating the 50th anniversary of Nomex® inherently flame-resistant fibres. From left to right: Evgeniy Yaroslavtsev, Ajen Maharaj, Amr Moniem, Christine Christmas, Alfons Held, Kelly Reichert, Lori Alzamora, Frederic Fleury, Jean-Michel Gauthier.

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