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Oil Mist Detection System for marine vessels

Crankcase explosions due to ignition of oil mist can be disastrous to both vessel and crew, so marine safety equipment on board must be capable of dealing with a possible hazard in seconds. Since the potential hazard was first identified some 50 years ago, the Graviner Oil Mist detector has been used to monitor oil mist levels on many thousands of merchant ships and has been supplied to almost every ship-owning nation.

Rapid advances in lubrication technology and the latest computer-aided production techniques have done much in recent years to significantly improve both marine and land-based diesels.

The oil mist detection system is capable of monitoring up to 64 detector heads fitted on up to 8 engines. This is achieved without any sample pipes and with the minimum of cables. Each detector head monitors a single crank space and is a stand-alone device. When assigned a unique address and supplied with 24V DC it will gather oil mist density data and convert it to a digital signal for transmission via the data cable to the control unit.  The large LCD display will show, on demand, the signal from each detector and indicate the average oil mist level for each engine. In the event of an alarm, the display will immediately show the oil mist signals for the relevant engine. It also enables the individual readings of each detector and the average on an engine to be displayed on demand and automatically under alarm conditions.

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