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The Pacific F15 Structural Fire Helmet fitted with Titan Firecoms to allow wearers to retain full situational awareness.

Pacific F15 Structural Fire Helmet – Combining 34 years of Kevlar® heritage with cutting-edge design and technology

The new Pacific F15 Structural Fire Helmet from Pacific Helmets combines the 34 year heritage and proven safety of Pacific’s unique Kevlar® technology with an advanced polymer chassis to revolutionize your fire fighting experience by providing the highest level of safety and latest technologies.

Pacific Helmets strives to design helmets that not only look good and are comfortable to wear, but are most importantly – the safest in the world. The F15 truly takes this philosophy to the next level with superb impact and deceleration test results. Pacific Helmets is the only manufacturer in the world to design structural fire helmets that exceed all three of major international standards requirements. The F15 is no exception to this and is certified to the Structural Firefighting standards: NFPA 1971:2013, EN443:2008, and AS/NZS 4067:2012.

The Pacific F15 incorporates a unique five point impact and deceleration countermeasure system which protects not only the head, but also the neck and spine if the wearer is struck by an object or falls from height.

As the first line of defence the impact is absorbed by the Kevlar® and Fibreglass composite shell. The shell shape of the F15 is designed to distribute the stress of any impact along the surrounding crest and ridges, thereby spreading the force over a greater shell area than the initial impact site. If the impact is high enough, the shell sacrifices itself in order to reduce the force that travels through it and to save the wearer from extreme impact. The Kevlar® and Fibreglass composite shell not only protects from impacts but also provides excellent protection against penetration, is lightweight and resistant to chemical, UV, heat, and flame.

Next, the unique elasticated co-mould hinge micro-flex design allows the Chassis and Shell to dissipate impact energy. The third layer, the unique advanced polymer chassis, distributes the impact forces outward through the edge of the shell away from the wearer. The chassis also provides a platform for tech integration and accessories such as lighting.

The remaining force is then transferred to the polyurethane (PU) liner – the fourth layer of protection and an additional provider of thermal protection. This absorbs the impact through specially designed ridges along the top of the polyurethane which compress to further reduce the transferred force. Finally, the ribbon cradle holds the wearer’s head away from the liner, and absorbs any residual force through an elastic cushioning effect.

In additional to its exceptional safety, the F15 incorporates Pacific’s latest innovative designs such as the dual pivot face shield. Using an elliptic dual pivot system, the F15’s new full coverage internal face shield can be fully deployed when in use with a breathing apparatus to provide you with an extra layer of safety. The F15 also comes with the One Touch Eye Protector (OTEP)™ for easy, push-activated eye protection at times when full face coverage is not required.

Staying connected to the rest of the team is critical in high intensity situations. The F15 can be fitted with Titan Firecomms – a helmet mounted, hands-free, boom microphone and speaker system. This allows wearers to retain full situational awareness, even in the harshest and noisiest environments. Titan Firecomms are easily installed inside your helmet without compromising fit or comfort and are compatible with Push To Talk.

The F15 is available in an extensive range of colours and a removable front plinth can accommodate 3D or vinyl brigade badges. Rank markings, wording, and customised decals are available and can be tailored to your brigade’s requirements. Contact your Pacific Helmets representative for more information and to design your F15.

For more information, go to www.pacifichelmets.com

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