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Weatherproof analogue addressable heat detector on display and working just fine. Another one of these detectors worked perfectly after twelve months immersion in a similar fish tank.

Pertronic – Fire detector in a fish tank draws in the crowd at Fire Australia 2017

To highlight the challenges confronting fire detection and alarm system manufacturers in the 21st century, Pertronic Industries displayed a heat detector in a fish tank on its stand at Fire Australia and HazMat 2017.

Of course the heat detector can’t really detect an underwater fire. The detector on display was a weather-proof analogue addressable 5251B-WP, normally used in outdoor locations such as verandas, pergolas, and car-parks. Smoke detectors are not suitable for outdoor locations. Windblown dust or rain would regularly trigger unwanted fire alarms, while a serious fire in windy conditions might not set off a smoke detector. A well-positioned heat detector is practically immune to these problems.

Pertronic’s weather-proof heat detectors are dust and water-tight to IP67, which means they are OK under one metre of water for half an hour. To achieve this rating, the weather-proof detectors do not have rotary address switches for configuring their communication addresses. Instead, they are programmed electronically using a hand-held programmer. Also, they connect to system wiring via a wire tail, instead of the usual plug-in base. A weather-proof 5251B-WP heat detector at Pertronic’s Auckland office has survived more than twelve months continuous operation in a similar fish tank.

Pertronic Sales Engineer Matt Young (left) and R&D Manager Derek Worsley (right) at Pertronic Industries’ stand at Fire Australia & HazMat 2017.

Pertronic Sales Engineer Matt Young (left) and R&D Manager Derek Worsley (right) at Pertronic Industries’ stand at Fire Australia & HazMat 2017.

The main feature of the Pertronic stand was the F220 fire alarm control panel, which impressed visitors with its large keys and big, easy-to-read display. Fire alarm users increasingly expect their systems to pin-point the exact location of any alarm. The F220 makes this easy. During a fire alarm incident the F220 displays the location of the first alarm on the top half of its screen. Below that the F220 presents a scrollable list detailing all subsequent alarms. In addition, a single key-press accesses the Alarm List view, which shows all active alarms in an easy to navigate list format. The F220 identifies each detector location with a plain-language description, allowing fire-fighters and facility managers to quickly and accurately identify the exact source of each alarm.

Another striking feature of Pertronic’s stand was the Pertronic FireMap display. Running on a large screen alongside the F220 panel, this display featured a colour photo of a sprawling multi-building complex. Whenever the F220 went into fire alarm mode, the FireMap screen automatically showed a floorplan of the affected building, with a red icon showing the source of the alarm.

Pertronic FireMap simplifies the day-to-day management of fire systems. Many Facility Managers use FireMap to monitor smoke detectors in areas affected by building maintenance or refurbishment. FireMap displays colour-coded fire alarm devices and zone outlines on a map or floor-plan. It’s no trouble to check the status of any part of the fire alarm system, even at large complex facilities with multiple buildings.

Pertronic FireMap runs on standard PC or laptop computers, and works with almost any brand of fire indicator panel. It can access the panel from anywhere with an internet connection.

The F220, Pertronic FireMap, and all Pertronic products sold in Australia have been developed to satisfy the specific needs of Australian customers.

For more information, go to www.pertronic.com.au

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