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Power Redefined New Spreader SP 53 BS from Weber Rescue Systems

Power Redefined

New Spreader SP 53 BS from Weber Rescue Systems

During Intersec in Dubai, fire and rescue personnel saw at first hand the SP 53 BS, the most powerful spreader in the world in terms of weight, spreading distance and cutting force from Weber Hydraulik, based in Germany and Austria.

The SP 53 BS has some stunning characteristics. It boasts a minimum spreading force of 53kN at the tip (the standard BS type requires at least 50kN at tips) and the spreading distance is an impressive 800mm – the widest spreading requirement under European standards. What makes the SP 53 BS really special however is that it achieves this performance with a weight of only 20 kg.

Export manager, Reiner Antritter explained that Weber Rescue has managed to shave approximately 5 kg off the previous version of this spreader through the use of the latest generation of aluminium alloys. “People don’t normally look too closely at the exact EN classification of spreaders, but what they are looking for is the right ratio of power, weight and spreading distance. We have achieved the lightest BS classification worldwide.”

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According to European standard EN 13204 (Double acting hydraulic rescue tools for fire and rescue service use – Safety and performance requirements), spreaders are split into three types, each with the following performance requirements:

  • AS type: minimum spreading force at tips (kN) 20, minimum spreading distance 600mm.
  • BS type: minimum spreading force at tips (kN) 50, minimum spreading distance 800mm.
  • CS type: minimum spreading force at tips (kN) 80, minimum spreading distance 500mm

Other characteristics of the SP 53 BS include a special tip design (with struts) that helps avoid slippage during spreading, as well as a captive pin. The captive pin – or bolt – makes changing tips easier because the bolt cannot be completely disengaged from the spreader and therefore cannot be lost.

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The new spreader will be available worldwide, including the USA, where it will be marketed under the brand name ‘Genesis’. North American firefighters had the chance to see the new spreader at the FDIC in April in Indianapolis. “The feedback so far has been tremendous with all firefighters remarking that they want it in the future,” concluded Reiner Antritter.

For more information, go to www.weber-rescue.com

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