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Primetech launches MultiNet Comms family of portable, high-powered incident ground communications

Primetech launches MultiNet Comms family of portable, high-powered incident ground communications

Major flooding and other scenarios drive requirement for modular, flexible, self-supporting communications systems – in a box

Primetech has announced the launch of its new MultiNet Comms family of portable, battery powered communications devices. Covering mobile satellite broadband communications, UAV live imagery feeds, body-worn, tripod and other ground based imagery, life signs monitoring devices, plus COFDM-supported wide area WiFi and 3G/4G communications, the units are powered by light, powerful batteries and housed in rugged waterproof peli cases.

The Primetech MultiNet Comms range has been developed in response to requests from emergency services for communications solutions that are not dependent on being housed in Incident Command Units, of whatever size.

There are a number of different units within the MultiNet Comms family, but all units have certain features in common; they are all highly portable and self-supporting, featuring lithium polymer batteries that are light, powerful, and capable of easy recharging; and they are all capable of linking together to form high bandwidth networks across incident grounds. Delivering different types of capability depending on incident requirements, they are all designed to be resilient and easy to use.

The units within the MultiNet Comms family include:

Incident Ground Extender Nodes – these feature 2.4 and 5.8 MHz WiFi communications linked by a COFDM mesh network. This means they are capable of receiving and transmitting imagery, data, internet access and voice communications from the wide range of devices that are now deployed across an incident ground including smart phones and ruggedised laptops.

Command Master/Primary Nodes – these are used for receiving feeds from the various Incident Ground Extender Nodes located around an incident ground.

Satellite unit – This is a waterproof ruggedised peli case-housed unit linked to a C-Com Fly-75 satellite dish. It is battery powered and fully portable, linking the Command Master/Primary Node by high speed Ka mobile satellite broadband on to other command levels in the network.

There are also portable units for private cellular networks and UAV aerial imagery.

Commenting on the launch of his company’s new MultiNet Comms range, director Henry Walker said: ‘Primetech is proud to have pioneered the concept of quickly deployable, flexible, high bandwidth communications solutions for UK and European emergency services. We have already done this with the Primetech Rapid Response Multi Role Vehicle and the Primetech Resilient Communications Trailer. All these platforms and solutions have been developed by our engineering team to satisfy the growing demand for more portable, agile, self-supporting incident ground communications.



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