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PROINERT®2 … The Safe, Cost-effective and Environmentally Responsible Fire Suppression Solution

PROINERT®2 … The Safe, Cost-effective and Environmentally Responsible Fire Suppression Solution

PROINERT®2 … The Safe, Cost-effective and Environmentally Responsible Fire Suppression Solution

When you need fast-acting fire protection for important assets, Fike PROINERT² is the right solution. PROINERT² is the ideal solution to address the unique needs of property owners, risk managers and profit-conscious businesses looking for a natural fire suppression solution that quickly extinguishes fire without the damage caused by water.

Unlike other inert gas suppression systems, the components of PROINERT² provide greater design flexibility and significant cost savings.  In addition, the PROINERT² system is the best in all natural fire suppression using agents made from the air we breathe, not from chemicals.

All Natural Benefits of PROINERT²
Fike’s PROINERT² system uses inert gas, which is made from naturally occurring environmental gases and has ZERO global warming potential. In a fire situation, inert gas does not break down into harmful gases, unlike popular chemically derived suppression agents that have global warming potential of 1 or more.

PROINERT² is Leading the Way in Advanced Fire Suppression
The PROINERT² system gives you superior, reliable fire protection across numerous applications and environments. It also delivers significant cost savings over other clean agent fire suppression systems* by way of:

  • Fewer cylinders required
  • Less hardware and accessories required
  • Less storage space required
  • Versatile installation capabilities
  • Lowest refill cost of ANY agent… up to 90% Less

Same Protection with Less Equipment. PROINERT² systems are available with an improved storage cylinder design (300 bar). This innovation means you get the same level of protection but with 50% fewer cylinders and less hardware than other inert gas systems.

Safer Discharge with Less Room Venting. Fike’s patented pressure regulating valve means the PROINERT² agent enters the room at a, which alleviates damage and can help reduce room venting requirements by as much as 60%.

Adaptable Installation and Optimal Usage. PROINERT² can be installed in a variety of piping configurations , which allows users to store suppression cylinders far away from the protected area, as well as protect multiple rooms/areas from the same bank of cylinders.

A leader in the facility protection market since 1960, Fike provides fire suppression solutions for industrial, commercial and special hazard applications. PROINERT is the global choice for superior inert gas fire protection – with thousands of installations worldwide.

Visit fike.com to experience the fresh new look and user-friendly navigation!

*Cost savings is based on typical applications; ask a Fike Representative for calculations on your specific room requirement

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