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We design, develop and manufacture the best possible laminated fabric according to your need, requirements or specifications. This will include the selection and manufacturing of the required membrane (that could include, Hydrophilic PU membrane, hydrophobic PU membrane, Polyester membrane, recyclable membrane, ePTFE membrane, PTFE bicomponent membrane, antistatic membrane, flame retardant membrane…etc).

Our laminated products will mainly be found in our Workline, Screenline and Fr Liners and Fr Fabrics range. Our membranes can be found at different places of the turnout clothing:

  • Moisture barrier: designed to have reliable and durable performance, our moisture barriers will enhance wearing comfort through very high breathability while offering no compromise on waterproofness, flame or heat resistance. With various options between polyurethane based or PTFE based membrane, PROLINE moisture barrier range is bringing a solution to your needs. Our latest patented product, the Eoliner, is achieving astonishing performances by further enhancing comfort and breathability while making no compromises on TPP (Thermal Protection Performance) or on THL (Total Heat Loss).
  • Anti-wicking fabrics: 2 or 3 ply laminates, our range of anti-wicking barrier can be offered in full width or already cut tapes.
  • Fire flaps: 3-ply FR laminates bonded together as trimmings for turnout gear.


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