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Ramfan Positive Pressure Ventilators

Euramco Safety Worldwide, designs, engineers and builds Ramfan ventilators for firefighting markets worldwide. Choose from a wide selection of gas, electric and water fans.

Ramfan PPV gas or electric fans are available in sizes from 16” to 21”. Some agencies need a fan that’s placed close to an opening such as row houses and apartments. The GF185 18” is a popular model for this application. But if you need a fan that can be setback from the opening, consider the GX gas-powered or the EX electric fans that come with PowerStream. This technology combines an integrated impeller and rigid stator vanes that focus the airstream. This allows fans to be set back 8’ to 16’ from an opening allowing easy ingress and egress. It also reduces noise inside the structure.

With the ongoing creation of warehouses, big box stores and high-rises, you need a much more powerful blower to clear large volumes of air. Ramfan makes fans for Large Structure Ventilation (LSV) because you can’t remove smoke from a large fire with PPV fan. These 21” to 28” gas-powered units come equipped with the PowerStream air straighteners. The LSV blower is like a large diameter hose that delivers much more water than a standard diameter hose.

The top-of-the-line VX700 is a trailer-mounted unit that creates 60,250cfm. It’s easily moved by two men over curbs, steps and ramps, and can be quickly placed directly in front of an opening. What’s more, it’s affordable. Few departments can justify the huge monstrosities that are hard to move and pricey. You can get 6 of the VX700 units for the price of ONE of those monster fans. This means you can service a larger geographic area and you can distribute units to multiple incidents simultaneously.

Finally, if you need a fan for rescue operations in hazardous locations, check out the Ramfan explosion-proof line. They’re intrinsically safe, fully ATEX certified fans that can be used in explosive environments. This keeps you free of the chain of liability should there be an accident.

For further information, go to www.euramcosafety.com

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