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Ready Rack® – Structurally superior design does not require rear grid

Since Groves Incorporated invented the PPE gear storage system in 1980, we never stopped innovating and improving upon our designs. The key advantage lies in Red Rack™’s structurally superior tubular steel design that does not require a rear reinforcing grid, and therefore will not obstruct electrical outlets and switches. Wall Mounted Red Rack™ systems are available in 18”, 20” or 24” wide sections, units are 20” deep and 72” tall. They can be ordered in virtually any wall run length thanks to our exclusive modular design.

Designed for maximum air circulation, Red Rack™ and Dry Kwik accessories help PPE and gear dry faster and last longer. Our system creates maximum organization which helps shave precious extra seconds off your response times; helping you serve your community better!

All Red Rack™ Storage systems include adjustable boot & helmet shelves, hanging pole, adjustable apparel hooks, label holder for name plate and heavy-duty powder coat finish.

Structurally superior design does not require rear grid

  • Red Rack™ is designed to stand up to the rugged demands of the Fire Service.
  • Tubular steel design is the strongest configuration on the market and does not require a rear grid.
  • SAFER! Open back design allows easy access to your station’s building code approved electrical outlets.
  • Easier to install! Design does not obstruct switches or outlets.
  • Maintenance friendly! Clean or paint walls without removing the rack.

Mobile Red Rack™ and Freestanding Red Rack™ units allow you to add additional storage capacity when you do not have the necessary available wall space. Mobile units feature 18” wide sections with single and double sided styles offering 2 – 8 compartments. Units are supplied with four 5” swivel casters, two with foot operated brakes. Freestanding single sided Red Rack™s can connected to create the desired number of compartments. They are supplied with heavy-duty legs, keeping the rack elevated above the floor for easy cleaning underneath.

Any Red Rack™ system can be ordered or retrofitted with lockable security doors and top shelves to prevent loss due to theft.

New Gear Guard

Recent studies conducted by PPE manufacturers have concluded that the lifespan and protective qualities of today’s turnout gear can be significantly downgraded by constant exposure to UV rays from sunlight. To combat this problem and protect your Department’s investment in PPE, Groves is proud to introduce the NEW Gear Guard protective covers. The New Gear Guard is designed to cover dried PPE while hanging in a Red Rack™ system to prevent UV ray damage and also contamination from truck exhaust. The abrasion and tear PVC resistant covers are available for all Red Rack™ Wall Mounted, Mobile and Free Standing units, with custom sizes available. The easily cleanable laminate is anti-microbial, self-deodorizing and stain resistant.

White 8 oz. PVC laminate UV shield that is abrasion/tear resistant and fluid proof.

  • The easily cleanable laminate is anti-microbial, self-deodorizing and stain resistant.
  • Laminate also has anti-static properties and is flame retardant.
  • Thread is constructed of heavy-duty UV resistant polyester.
  • Heavy-duty, long lasting #5 molded plastic zippers aid in the easy opening of the compartment sections.
  • Gear Guard covers are available for all Red Rack™ Wall Mounted, Freestanding and Mobile units, with custom sizing available.

For more information, go to www.readyrack.com

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