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Replaceable crusher tips and a flexible, replaceable protection cover are the key features of Resqtec’s new C4 and C6 concrete crusher. With the introduction of the concrete crushers, RESQTEC offers a total solution for USAR operations following the INSARAG guidelines.

The new flexible and replaceable protection cover of Resqtec concrete crushers sets itself apart from the rest of the market. It is attached directly to the (moving) arms allowing it to follow the movement of the arm itself. This makes the cover fold itself around the material to be crushed and ensures that the flying debris is actually stopped by the protection cover, above and under the tool. When damaged, one can easily replace the protection cover themselves.

Another innovative feature of the C4 and C6 is the possibility to replace the crusher tips. These tips are used under severe conditions and therefore wear down. Having the option to replace them certainly contributes to the effectiveness of the tool and cuts down on complete replacement tools rather than changing the tips themselves.  Its compact design makes it a very user friendly tool especially in USAR operations. The C4 and C6 concrete crusher allow for easy handling and enables controlled crushing of different kind of materials up to respectively 231 / 236 mm.

Resqtec highly values user ergonomics and this was paramount in the tools’ design. Like all Resqtec products the C4 and C6 concrete crusher embeds Ergonomic Weight Optimization (EWO) Technology. One of the key features of EWO is the 360° handle that enables you to hold the tool in any position that you want. Another advantage is that the 360° handle allows a 2-man operation when necessary.

The C4 and C6 concrete crusher are the latest additions to Resqtec’s hydraulic rescue equipment. Resqtec develops tools from a total rescue perspective and currently manufactures one of the world’s most extensive line-up of modular rescue tools with multiple usability options. No matter what scenario you encounter, with Resqtec you have the right solution.

For more information, go to www.resqtec.com

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