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ruwu Mobile Fans

ruwu Mobile Fans

An increasingly well-known and well-respected brand around the world. But, how did this come about?

Hans-J. Ruβwurm, owner of German medium-sized company, Rußwurm Ventilatoren GmbH sums it up by saying: “We are a company that successfully specialises in developing client-specific portable fans for fire brigade fans.”

While the new developments are best suited to meet the needs of firefighters, they can be also be used for ventilation or additional cooling of machines or rooms. Easy handling, low weight and compact dimensions ensure the suitability of these high performance fans for fire brigades that must immediately gain control of critical life or property threatening situations. This is particularly so where health-threatening fumes or explosive gases or poisonous steam is present, or where there is the need for an immediate fresh air supply, or when there is limited space in the transporting vehicle or at the incident site.

More and more fire brigades have come to trust Rußwurm’s competence, rely on “Made in Germany” and use robust and maintenance-free high performance ruwu fans. They are small but powerful and proven in the most extreme fire and rescue conditions.

As Individual as your Needs
Three different series ensure the most suitable fan for each application. In addition to manufacturing standard fans, Rußwurm develops and produces special models individually designed to the particular customer’s needs; from the inexpensive new MWM 150 E, the ultra-compact entry-level model with folded spiral casing made of aluminium, to the brand-new explosive-safe pressure aerator VM 600 D ex with spray adapter.

The experienced ruwu engineering team plays a significant role. With years of expertise, inventiveness and communication skills, it develops the most economical solution together with the customer, which is then translated into the finished product.



Radial Design with Hose Connection
The new MWM series is ideal when the need is for higher pressure. This series offers the largest variety of drives and nominal sizes. AC, DC, explosion-proof and even combustion engines – for every application Rußwurm offers the optimum solution.

The Advantages:

  • Light-weighted design made of aluminium.
  • Wide stable area of fan curve for use in ducting longer than 35 metres.
  • Certified ex. acc. to ATEX, RL 94/9 EG: Category II2G e II T3 or II2D T< 60°C.

Axial Design with Hose Connection
When compact construction measurements are required, the axial fans of the VL, VM series are recommended. Axial fans of VL series distinguish themselves with very high volume flows and compact design. The new stable lightweight VL 500 D ex is made completely of aluminium! They are available only as explosion-proof. They are the right choices for extraction of pure gases and vapours, ventilation of confined spaces, supply of fresh air or cooling of machines.

The Advantages:

  • Conforming to standards for fire trucks acc. to DIN 14555.
  • Certified explosion protection acc. to ATEX RL 94/9 EG: Category II2G e II T3.
  • Extremely sturdy design made of steel plates.
  • High efficiency thanks to guide vanes.

Pressure Aerator with Power
There are two sizes of fans for pressure aerators (PPV) for fire brigades: electro motor and explosive safe in a high performance version. The ruwu PPV-fans of the VM series are available in three models:

  • The VM 315 D ex, the smallest fan for use with ducting.
  • The VM 400 D ex with its compact design is easy to stow in most vehicles.
  • The VM 600 D ex, the first portable fan for positive pressure ventilation with spray adapter made in Germany.

The Advantages:

  • Certified explosion protection acc. to ATEX RL 94/9 EG: Category II2G e II T3.
  • Easy to use and to move due to solid tires.
  • Maintenance free.
  • Sturdy metal design made of aluminium and steel.
  • Air stream adjustable in a wide range, even vertical operation is possible.

For more information, go to www.ruwu.de

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