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Safety Equipment Australia PTY Ltd

The SE40 from The S.E.A. Group is a CBRN-approved PAPR (Powered Air-Purifying Respirator) that delivers positive-pressure air up to 400 litres per minute. The model has approvals from both NIOSH-CBRN and British Standard CBRN.

The respirator has been found to be ideal for many emergency response operations, and can be completely integrated with a range of fully encapsulated protective suits of various designs and materials. It is used by fire brigades, police forces, medical units, anti-terrorist squads, first responders and other emergency professionals around the world.

The microprocessor-controlled SE40 is a demand respirator – not a continuous-flow respirator. The SE40 constantly monitors the air pressure inside the mask and regulates the fan motor to deliver the required air flow depending on the wearer’s breathing.

The standard configuration incorporates two CBRN filters. The respirator has been tested in atmospheres containing live agent warfare agents, such as mustard gas and sarin. The unit can be integrated with a military-grade encapsulated ventilated CBRN suit. The entire ensemble is designed for wet decontamination, and has been field-tested in 1,000 litres per minute water spray over 3 minutes.

Visual and audible alarms alert to any routine task (such as changing the battery), as well as other events that may require attention.

Voice communication is loud and clear – an essential for team operations. SE40 comes with a microphone in the mask and a powerful external mini-loudspeaker.

The PAPR is operated with a single button. It can be worn on a backpack or standard belt. A military style readiness bag is also available.


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