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Santa Commanders continue preparations for Santa’s visit

Airservices preparations for Santa’s visit to Australia on 24 December—one of the busiest nights of the year for air traffic controllers—are well underway, with Santa today lodging his flight plan.
The Airservices team has this year been bolstered by the Santa Commanders—four Aussie kids who will help ensure the safe and efficient passage of Santa’s sleigh and reindeer across the nation’s skies.

The Santa Commanders this week allocated Santa his 2015 callsign – SLEIGHRIDER 1 – to communicate with air traffic control on Christmas Eve.
Airservices air traffic controllers look after 11 per cent of the world’s airspace and are among the best in the world. They will be working hard to ensure Santa and the travelling public get to where they are going safely.

© Copyright Airservices Australia 2015

© Copyright Airservices Australia 2015

With the submission of Santa’s flight plan, Airservices staff and the Santa Commanders are now working on the flight path that Santa will take to ensure he can safely reach more than nine million Australian homes on Christmas Eve.

Follow the Santa Commanders for regular updates on their experience in the lead up to Christmas Eve at www.facebook.com/airservicessanta


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